Yearbook Information!

It's time to buy your Middle College yearbook!


Juniors and Seniors:

Once you buy your yearbook you will have the opportunity to personalize TWO PAGES in that yearbook that will only be included in your yearbook...upload pictures of your friends, family, latest crush, pets... :-)

The customized pages should be done by April 4th, so get on it, people!

Buy your yearbook by April 4th!

To Purchase & Customize Your Yearbook:

Go to

Use your email when logging into the site.

Enter our school’s passcode: 101331563832448

Yearbook Soft Cover Price: $15.79 (includes tax/shipping)

Yearbook Hard Cover Price: $22.74 (includes tax/shipping)

Deadline: April 4

If you purchase and customize your book before the deadline there will be no charge for shipping. By mid-April, you will still be able to purchase a book, but will have to pay for shipping and have it shipped directly to your home after others have already received their book.

Add Photos & Memories to Your 2 Free Custom Pages

Announcements For Seniors

If you plan to participate in your home high school's graduation ceremony you need to call the activities office to ask them the steps for participation. Different schools will have different due dates and procedures.