The Pelican And The Crane

By:Elijah Davis

Do Not Be Rude

The fable that I read was The Pelican And The Crane. Do not be rude is the moral of my fabel the Pelican And The Crane. It reminded me of when I was rude at the restraunt and got in big trouble.

I Spilt My Drink

When I was drinking something I got almost every I drunk on my shirt and I just left it there on my shirt. My mom said your not allowed to do anything when we get home.


When I got home I got in big big trouble. I wasn't allowed to do anything that was fun. All I got to do is sit on the couch. And watch boring stuff on tv.


So finaly I was so happy I got ungrounded I felt like I can do anything I wanted to do. So next time you go to eat at a restraunt do not be rude. I learned not to be rude any more.