January 29, 2016


It's been a crazy couple of weeks! It's all about the system. Students have been researching the systems colonists created to form their communities. This week they are creating their own colony in response to a social issue they have chosen. This includes a website to welcome newcomers. In response to what they have learned about body systems, students have been working in groups to create a life size model to display the body systems. One more (albeit unintended) system inquiry we have engaged with involves the impact of internet on our daily lives. This week, across the district, we have had frequent slow downs and freezing of internet services. This has been a systems wide issue involving several districts in the area. We had to do a lot of problem solving as we attempted to complete the NWEA testing. The students were patient and persistent. What a great class we have!

Can You Volunteer to Mentor?

We are currently working on the Grade 5 Capstone Project. Students have been put into expert systems groups. Within their given system, they have chosen topics to research further. As they gain more knowledge on their topic of interest, they will begin to formulate ways that they can take action. Students will present on their topics at the Grade 5 Capstone Event on March 29th from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.

How can you help? Groups benefit from the advice and guidance of their mentors. Mentors meet with the group once a week to hear about their progress, share ideas, and ask questions. I would like to offer two different times for mentors to work with students. Mentors will meet with their groups Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays either at 11:15 am or 2:30 PM. We will work out a schedule that works for you! For more information, please come to room 20 next week on February 4th at 5:30 pm. You can sign up to be a mentor on


Due to the many issues with internet service, grades are now due Tuesday, February 2nd. Report cards will go home with students on Wednesday, February 3rd. Students have access to google classroom and can check to ensure all assignments are completed and turned in.


MATH: Students began the chapter 3 test on addition and subtraction of fractions. They will finish the test on Monday. Those who passed the test will continue with multiplication and division of fractions. Those who did not pass the test will spend the next week with targeted re-teaching and will be re-tested on Friday.

READING: Our class read is A Long Walk for Water by Linda Sue Park. Students are learning how to conduct their own literature circles and are anxious to begin new book clubs. Our targets are vocabulary development, main ideas, theme and purpose. Students are developing the skill of citing examples from text to support their opinions.

WRITING: We will be focusing on research and informational writing throughout the quarter. Students will be developing the five paragraph essay, citing sources, and creating presentations. Students have each chosen a research topic related to the system they researched.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We have investigated colonial systems and will be researching the economic systems including the impact of slavery.

SCIENCE: Students are continuing to focus on factors that impact the efficiency of body systems through their independent research and planned actions.