RMS Weekly Event Calendar

February 12 - February 16

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What's going on at RMS?

It's finally ready!!! We appreciate your input into the new RMS lesson plan template. Thanks to all of you who took time to respond to the survey so we would what categories were important to you, which assisted us in designing the RMS template. By now, I trust all of you are comfortable using the new online lesson planner and are ready to begin with the implementation of the RMS template. I have been working with Robbie to make this available to us, and we are finally ready to roll it out to all of you.

To begin using the new RMS lesson plan template, you will need to do the following:

1. Click on your planbook.

2. Click "Settings & Schedule".

3. Click "4 - Edit Templates."

4. Click "Create Your Own Template"

5. Choose "Russellville Middle School Template" (See picture above)

Unfortunately, we were unable to have two separate categories for our WIDA standards; therefore, those will have to remain embedded into your "Standards" category. However, remember you can use the compare-standards feature and also add standards into your lesson plan that are from other curriculum areas (reading, writing, math, etc.).

Let us know if you have any questions or need help!



The formative assessment tool we will be focusing on this week is Plickers. Plickers is a powerful formative assessment tool that lets teachers collect real-time data that does not require the use of student technology. It provides instant feedback to both teachers and students and checks for understanding to determine whether the student understands or has mastered a key concept or skill.

I encourage you to watch the video above as Dr. Wiginton provides instruction on how to use Plickers in the classroom. I also encourage you to watch the video below as you see Ms. Malone using Plickers in her classroom. A huge SHOUTOUT to Ms. Malone for working with Dr. Wiginton in creating this instructional video for other teachers to use!

We can't wait to hear how you are using it in your classroom. Don't forget to put your name on the Pineapple Chart and invite other teachers into your classroom to see the great things you are doing with Plickers and all the other formative assessment tools!

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National Digital Learning Day

Speaking of digital learning....National Digital Learning Day is on February 22, 2018. I encourage you to check out the following website for engaging ideas on bringing digital learning into your classroom. Reserve your space in the computer lab or request a mobile cart and expand your students' learning opportunities!


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January Teacher Perfect Attendance

Our winner for the January Perfect Attendance Award is Mr. Keeton! Thank you, Mr. Keeton, for being at Russellville Middle School every instructional day during the month of January! We appreciate your dedication to your students and to the entire staff at RMS! You have earned the lunch of your choice!

Our perfect attendance percentage fell from 76% in December to 51% in January. There has been a lot of sickness that has impacted both our teachers and students and we hope that passes very quickly.

Your presence at school each day makes a difference in the lives of our students, as well as significantly impacts their academic achievement. A substitute cannot replace the knowledge, instructional ability, and the relationship you have with your students. Thank you for working hard to be present with your students each day. A teacher reminded me last week of something Mr. Hammock used to say, "If you are here, your students will be here." I believe he was right!

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RMS Mentoring Schedule

This week we will continue to explore "Growth Mindset" vocabulary with our students.

Monday - Growth MIndset Activity - Skills and Talents - Students will complete a think and know activity on their skills and talents and how to grow in those areas.

Tuesday - Growth Mindset Activity - Learning from MIstakes - Students will complete a think and know activity on mistakes and how we can learn from them.

Wednesday - Growth MIndset Activity - Growing from Failure. Students will complete a think and know activity on failures they have made and how they can learn and grow from these failures.

Thursday - Growth MIndset Activity - Strengths and Weaknesses. Students will complete a graphic organizer on their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve in these areas.

Friday - NO school

Monday, February 12

  • No known activities

Tuesday, February 13

  • AMSTI 6th Grade Math Teacher Training - Room 125
  • RMS Tennis vs. Decatur - Home - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 14

  • Valentine's Day - We will have a hot chocolate bar set up in the conference area behind the front office. Come join us for a cup of cocoa and other treats today!
  • Dr. Wiginton with ATIM - Room 125 - Please plan to attend during your scheduled instructional period. Dr. Wiginton will be here today to help with our formative assessment tools as well as refresh our memories on how to provide documentation in Google Classroom when you use the tools in your classroom. Remember, you can earn CEUs for trying these tools out with your students. We encourage you to try one of these tools prior to the Wednesday meeting and Dr. Wiginton will show you how to provide the necessary documentation.
  • Faculty Meeting - Media Center - Immediately after school.

Thursday, February 15

  • Book Study - Room 125 - Please plan to attend during your scheduled instructional period.
  • RMS Tennis vs. St. Joe - Home - 4:00 p.m.

Friday, February 16

  • PD/Teacher Work Day - We will meet in the media center at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast will be served!
  • AdvancEd Data Due - Faculty members on the AdvancED team, please make sure all evidence, summaries, and spreadsheets are completed and ready to upload.