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April 12, 2019

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3rd Grade ColorCycle Project!

Co-written by 3rd grade students: Michael M. and David K.

Do you know what happens to crayons and markers when you throw them away? They end up in landfills for hundreds of years and that is bad for our environment! That is why the students in Mrs. Collins’ 3rd grade class are participating in a crayon and marker recycling project.

We have decided to collect old crayons and markers so that they can be recycled. The crayons that we collect will be sent to a project called The Crayon Initiative. The Crayon Initiative collects broken and worn-down crayons by melting the crayons and making new ones. The new crayons are then donated to children’s hospitals around the country for sick children.

Crayola’s ColorCycle program collects and recycles dried out markers and uses them to make diesel fuel that school buses can use! Fun Fact: 1 container of 8 markers can produce enough energy to cook 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, and 2 cups of hot chocolate!

We will be distributing recycling boxes to classes that would like to participate in our project. We will be collecting crayons and markers including Sharpies, dry erase markers and highlighters. You can join in the project too by sending in any broken crayons or dried out markers that you may have at home. Your child can place them in the recycling box in their classroom and one or our Recycling Champions will come to collect them!

You can learn more about each of these projects by visiting:



Let’s work together to keep our world a colorful place!

Student Placement Input Form

Parents and guardians of students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will receive an email from Dr. Leatherbarrow regarding student placement input forms. Input submitted by May 3rd will be considered when assigning students to rosters for next school year.

PSSA Reminders

The following state assessment dates are planned for our students:

  • Grades 3-6: English/Language Arts PSSAs will be on April 15-17
  • Grades 3-6: Math PSSAs will be on April 29-30
  • Grade 4: Science PSSAs will be on May 1-2

Please be sure…

  • Your child is well-rested and eats breakfast.
  • Your child arrives to school on time. If students arrive after testing has begun, they will need to take the test during a make-up date.
  • Your child is feeling well. If an illness is apparent, your child should stay home. He or she will have an opportunity to complete the test on make-up dates.
  • Your child does not have their cell-phone, smartwatch, etc. on them.
  • Your child has taken any needed medication.
  • Any mints or snacks that are provided are dissolvable – not hard candy, which is a choking hazard.

The testing time window lasts until 11-11:30 a.m. on most testing days.

We appreciate the daily encouragement we know you will provide to reduce any unnecessary anxiety. If your child is exhausted or disappointed after a day of testing, validate their efforts and reassure him/her that this is just one test and there will be plenty of additional opportunities to show what he/she has learned!

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100 Year Anniversary Information Gathering

Your contributions will help us create a celebration of Warwick worthy of its 100-year history.

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Parent/Guardian Volunteer Requirements

Before parents and guardians can volunteer, they must have all necessary clearances. Click here so you are ready when volunteer opportunities arise.

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