Aussie Space Exploration

History of my country's Space exploration


Paul Scully-Power. Paul was born on the 28th of May 1944. Paul was an Australian born American oceanographer. Paul was in the American Naval Undersea Warfare Center the went to NASA.

The Parkes observatory. Leading up to the manned Apollo mission to the moon NASA asked for Australia's help. NASA requested Australia's help because we have among the best telescopes in the world. The Parkes Observatory is run by a small part of the CSIRO. The telescope recieved the best images than any other telescope in the world as the remaining 2 and a 0.5h was broadcasted by the Parkes Observatory. The Parkes Observatory is the largest and clearest telescope ever built.

The RSAA operating the most famous telescopes at Siding Springs. The Siding Spring Observatory is located at the ANU with 12 telescopes on site and over $100 million of equipment. The telescopes are owned by the ANU and other University's.

That Is Australia's achievement in Space. T minus 5..4..3..2..1.. BLAST OFF!!!!