Nord's Newsletter

Jan. 19-22, 2016


This is our 6th week in Unit 3, which means it is catch up week. Students will continue to read their chapter book in small group, and we will work on opinion writing during whole group. Once, the chapter books are finished, students will write a book review over the book. I'm very pleased with the students enthusiasm with the books. It's hard for some of the students to ONLY read one/two chapters a day. Many of them want to take the book and finish it.

The students will also take on the computers Wonders Unit 3 test.


Chapter 6-More Operations
-subtraction(trade-first method, which is basically traditional sub)
-writing number stories
-solving number sentences with parentheses
-use order of operations to solve multistep problems

In this chapter, more practice with building automaticity with factors 2, 5, 10 and square facts. Please review these facts with your child and see how they do. If they are struggling, then more time at home is needed for practice.

Play Salute in Math


With our animal classification unit, the students will learn the characteristics of birds.

**Courtney and Caleb trying to find what is the best way to group the animal cards.

Guest Speaker

Joe, from Polk County Conservation, brought 19 different vertebrae animals for the students to classify. The students loved all what he had to say and were very attentive. It was a nice introduction to our study of animals.
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100th Day will Soon be Here

The 100th Day(Jan. 26th) is just around the corner. CRAZY!!!! We will do a couple of activities but I thought it would be fun to have a 100th Day snack for the class. Why not tie it into learning! Right? But I need your help. If you can help out and your child can bring one of the times listed below that will be FANTASTIC!!! The snack will consist of 10 each of the following items below. Each child will have 100 treats.

Please email or send a note if you are able to help out and I'll assign an item to bring.

~ 1 family size bag M&Ms
~ 3 bags Goldfish
~ 3 bags Gummy Bears
~ 2 boxes of Teddy Grahams
~ Twizzlers Cherry Bites
~ Smarties

Schedule for the Week

Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: PE & Kindergarten Buddies
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Art & Library
Friday: PE

**Alex performed two songs in front of the class last week in music. He played the theme song "Star Wars" and "Jingle Bells". Great Job Alex!!