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Tips for Parents of Upcoming Kindergartners

Vol.1, No.14

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This week's topic are the importance of home libraries and shoe tying.


If there is one single thing you should do with your little to prepare for kindergarten success, it is to read together! Why? Here are several reasons you should instill a love of reading in your child starting from birth.

Knowledge Base- The more you read the more you know! Reading helps develop interests, offers multiple perspectives, and builds empathy. Early reading builds the best foundation for future learning.

Improved Focus and Concentration- In this crazy tech-filled world, children who read regularly are more able to focus, pay attention, and persevere through problems and skill-building.

Vocabulary Expansion- Children with greater vocabularies learn to read faster because it is easier to read familiar words. In addition, being articulate and well-spoken gives children confidence.

Relaxation- Just like watching a movie, reading can provide an escape in a stressful time. Giving children the opportunity to lose themselves in books is important. Reading together and talking about books is bonding for families.

Memory- We all need to improve our memory. Reading builds synapses and pathways without you even knowing it!

Where can you get books to read? If you have not done it yet, make a trip to your closest branch of the Chesterfield County Public Library and get a library card. Children 13 and under need a parent or guardian present to get a card, but what a great rite of passage now that your child will be going to "big school"! You can also check at your elementary schools as many of them have little libraries outside of the buildings where you can take a book and add a book. Keep an eye out for them around your community.

Living in a home with books and a home library directly impacts a child's learning. Start building a book collection today!

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Laces vs. Velcro

If you have not started teaching your little one how to tie his/her shoes, give it a whirl this summer. Tying laces is definitely a skill that takes some one on one training. Older brothers and sisters are good help too! If your child just is not ready for this fine motor task as it can be frustrating, you may want to have him/her begin the school year with slip on shoes. Also keep in mind that students will have recess and Health and P.E. resource time so make sure that any shoes are play ready and safe! Shoe tying is not a skill every child needs to have for kindergarten, but Kindergarten teachers will be grateful for every lace tying kiddo in the classroom!
How to Tie a Shoe Step by Step | Tying Shoes Children's Song I Can Tie My Shoes | Patty Shukla

Family Fun June and July!

I Spy! Garden Walk! Patriotic Story Walk! Outdoor story times! All of these are great options for family time! Learn more about these events at Chesterfield County Public Library branches via this link.

Practice Computer Mouse Skills + Letter and Number Recognition

Try out this ABCya online game with your preschooler to help with number and letter recognition along with computer mouse skills.

CCPS Summer Readiness Programs for Upcoming K Students

Are you interested in sending your uprising kindergartner to a summer learning program? If your answer is yes, Chesterfield County Public Schools is holding Summer Readiness Programs Monday through Thursday, June 28 - July 22. Please see this link for more information about all the CCPS summer programs.

School Readiness Registration Form