Dental Month is Here Again!

February is Dental Month!

Regular professional dental care is vitally important for pets, just as it is for people. Oral health affects the whole body, from the heart to the kidneys!

Once again, in honor of dental month, we are offering reduced-cost basic dentals* in the month of February:

10% off for all pets

20% off if your pet has had a dental within the last 24 months OR if you bring two or more pets in for dentals in the month of February

(*cost reductions apply ONLY to the basic dental, all other services will be billed at the regular price. So for example, if your pet needs teeth extracted, the basic dental portion of the invoice will be price reduced as above, but the extractions and costs pertaining to them will be at the regular price. Special pricing offers cannot be combined. This offer is subject to availability.)

In order to maximize appointment availability, if your pet is eligible for one of the dental cost reductions we ALREADY offer (see below), and that discount is higher than the dental month discount, we will see your pet in March, and we will extend the cost reduction for which your pet is eligible to the end of March.

The dental cost reductions we currently offer are:

1) Dentals done within 10 months of the previous dental - 25% discount
2) Dentals done more than 10 but less than 13 months after the previous dental - 20% discount
3) Dentals done more than 13 but less than 16 months after the previous dental - 15% discount
4) Dentals done more than 16 but less than 19 months after the previous dental - 10% discount


Call to schedule your pet's dental today! We perform dentals on Tuesdays and Thursdays, available slots are limited so book early!

Unparalleled Anesthetic Safety

We offer state of the art anesthesia, making it as safe as possible for your pet. We have a staff member dedicated to monitoring your pet, we have emergency drugs drawn up and accompanying your pet throughout their procedure. Dr Stein has been interviewed about anesthesia and anesthetic safety by veterinary journals, was selected by the Michigan State University Veterinary College as their 2014 Distinguished Alumnus for the work he has done to promote advanced anesthetic and pain management techniques, and he maintains a website about anesthesia and pain management for other veterinary professionals to use at