Mrs. Lasiter's Library

Continue Learning at Home with These Free Resources!

Mrs. Lasiter, Media Specialist at Hackett Elementary

I miss all of you so much. I want to make sure that you still have an opportunity to read some great books and work on some great projects. Please feel free to contact me and let me know which ones you like the best or if you have ideas for things I should add. Email me at

Be careful, continue to learn all that you can. I hope to see you very soon.

Let's Read

e-books from Capstone

Username: hackett Password: school

Check out an E-Book from the Sebastian Co Library

If you do not already have a library card they are doing curbside service and will sign you up or let you check out a book.
Storyline Online

Listen to a story read by your favorite actor

Oxford Owl

Free e-books!!! Parents will need to set up account.

Bound to Stay Bound

This is from my favorite publisher that has culminated many of the free resources available right now. Everything from authors reading books, to virtual tours of zoos and other places. You will be able to explore many different places right from your own home.


Create your own Disneyland

Khan academy has an imagineering lesson. Looks like lots of fun.

Build your own Rollercoaster

If you do not have foam tubes you can use cardboard tubes or anything you can find around the house. Try making it go around the corners on the wall. Use your imagination. I would love to see a video of what you create.

For the Dogman Lovers!

Doodles with Mo!

Activities from Museums all over the United States

Make Paper Airplanes


You can play without an account, but if you plan on revisiting site you might want to create an account so it will keep up with your progress.

Scratch Jr

Scratch for the older kids


Virtual Fieldtrips

Digital Escape Rooms

Marvel Escape: Escape from the Hydra Base!

Grab some family members and play together