My code of Ethnics

By: Autumn Hawkins

Personal 5 codes of ethnics

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility to school
  • Responsibility to Sports
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One code of ethnic I personally chose was Honesty. The reasons I chose Honesty was that I think its important to tell the truth no matter what. Even if the truth isn't what someone wants to hear often time it will do less damage telling the truth than lying. A way I can show honesty is by owning up to my mistakes. For example if I were to accidentally break a window , not lie and say i didn't do it. I should just own up to it.


The second code of ethics I chose was Integrity. The reason behind this is that doing whats right even if it is hard is a thing I like to try to follow. Even if something is really hard to do but is the right thing, the outcome will still always be better than taking the easy way out. On example of Integrity I show is that if i know one of my friends is cheating on a test I should tell the teacher because it is the right thing to do.


Another code of ethics I chose was Confidentiality. The reason behind this is that keeping things confidential between individuals is a mature thing to do. If someone tells you something and tells you not to tell anyone, you shouldn't go around telling a bunch of people or anyone at all really. One example is say someone buys someone a gift and tells you what they bought , you shouldn't go telling the person the gifts for or a bunch of people because the other person asked you to keep it confidential.

Responsibility to School

With responsibility to school , this means that you get good grades, do homework, respective to teachers etc. In short this just means that your a overall good student. For example if i know i have a 5 page essay due next Monday and then I try to do it all Sunday night, that's not responsible. The responsible thing would be to work on it a bit each night and have it all done by Monday.

Responsibility to sports

Responsibility to sports is a ethic I chose because it applies to me a lot and others. This means that if you play a sport or club or anything that you join, you have to be devoted to them. So for example if you are on a soccer team and you have practice on Tuesday nights but you friends want to go to the movies on a Tuesday night. You already are devoted to the soccer team so you cant go to the movies. Another example is if you know you have a game Saturday morning , don't go eat a bunch of pizza, ice cream and pop on the night before. Not only is this hurting your playing ability but it hurts your teams skill level.