Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

May madness!

It's all downhill from here, team! There are so many fun things crammed into the next 18 days, it's sure to make your head spin!

We knock out STAAR for our 3rd and 4th graders next week! Special thanks to Mrs. Bradshaw and Ms. Roberts for getting that all kinds of ready!

Our teachers have prepared our students and they are ready to show off just how smart our Wolves are....I can't thank you enough for the late nights and early mornings you have ALL invested in preparing these Wolves. They are going to blow this test away!! #youmatter

Teacher of the Month

The **email** votes are tallied and congratulations to Ms. Palmer, who was voted our May teacher of the month! Your peers have been most impressed with the smile on your face, despite having no house!

We weren't able to attend the Sachse Chamber luncheon last month (hail day) and can't this month (STAAR) so Mrs. Knapp (April TOM) and Mrs. Palmer will receive a special gift from Patty and get a half day off where, hopefully, they can go to lunch together!

EOY cards

How's it going? Finding the data that you need? Can I be of assistance in any way?

The advanced academics rubrics are being sent to meas they are being completed, and we will look at them quickly on Wednesday. Bradshaw, Roberts and I will be completing those for you, in an attempt to take something off your full plate!

Techno tip for the week!

There have been some incredible posts on the blog this year that detail our campus foray into the #urlearning pilot. Bookmark this site and read through them if/when you have a chance. The risks and growth from your peers is ASTOUNDING! Mrs. Crim taught me something this week with Adobe Voice, and Mrs. Freeman is ROCKING some google classroom!!

Calendar Comings

May 9- math STAAR

May 10- reading STAAR

May 11- It's Nurses Day!

May 12- Breakfast with Mom, AT @ PTA council luncheon, Talent show auditions, #URLearning (we'll talk digital fair!)

May 13- 4th grade track meet, Galaxy banquet celebrating Ms. Arellano

Read worthy for the week...

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A thank you from your Wolves....