The Shining Star

Room 12

Spring is here and Easter is coming!

We have had some crazy weather this week. Hopefully we will have some nice weather next week so we can play outside! We have finally confirmed a date for graduation this year. The ceremonies will take place on May 12th and 13th in the evening. We will still be having class those days (with the exception of the Tuesday/Thursday AM class which will be cancelled due to kindergarten tours).

This week, we will be reading "The Best Easter Eggs Ever" by Jerry Smath. We are going to learn about decorating eggs, going on an egg hunt and even do an experiment with eggs and salt. You can even do this experiment at home and see if you get the same results we do at school! To see the experiment we are doing go to this link.

Next week we will be collecting your 10 filled easter eggs for the easter egg hunt on April 16th and 17th. We also need 2 parent volunteers for each class to be our Easter Bunnies and hide all the eggs out in the outdoor classroom. The first two parents who respond letting me know that they would like to help out will be given the job. So let me know quickly if you are interested. We will be doing the Easter Egg Hunt at the end of each class period.

This week we planted 2 grass snakes in our sensory table. We will be watering them and watching them grow here in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully they will look something like this... (Even though these are caterpillars)

Science is AMAZING!

This week we did an experiment with oil, water, food coloring, and alka-seltzer. We created our very own lava lamps. If you would like to see how to do this experiment so you can do it with your family. Here is a link to the directions.

After we conducted our experiment, we drew a picture of what we observed during the experiment. This was a great learning experience for the kids!


On Monday and Tuesday of this week we played a trick on the kids and you may have heard about it. We told the kids that we made some "brownies" for them and we would give them to them at snack time. The kids were so excited and were talking about it all day. When snack time came we brought them out some brown E's on a plate.

Some kids figured it out and others were not so amused. After getting their full reaction of what they thought of the trick, we brought them out some real brownies to enjoy. The expressions on their faces tell it all!

Dates to Remember

April 8 - Grace Parent Workshop 6:30pm

April 16 & 17 - Easter Egg Hunt

April 18 - April 21 - April break

April 24 - Grace Messy night

May 1 - Grace Field Day

May 9 - Grace Carnival

May 12 & 13 - Grace Community Program Graduations

May 13 - Kindergarten tours (no morning class)

May 14 & 15- Last Day of school for Students

Upcoming Birthdays


3- Lincoln

9- Faith

10- Mason


21- Asha

23- Lidia

24- Kevin

27- Emmara



10- Hudson

27- Alicia