Affects of litter

by alyssa


I have been noticing rubbish around FPS lately. Litter have been a problem affecting our world for many many years. Do you know who is doing this ? Well its YOU whose doing this! One piece of rubbish can harm millions of animals life! Nearly the whole world loves different types of animals but we're not saving them, YOU are killing them! learn to throw all you rubbish in the bin!!!!!

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Survey result on how much rubbish was found!

My class planned to count the rubbish after lunch the result will actually surprise you, if you think 50 think again we found a total of 411! Think about it in the morning theres rubbish, after lunch more rubbish, after recess and home time. A estimate of 1000 pieces every single day! This happens because adults are not showing us the right thing to do and instead they are throwing rubbish! All adults need to be a role model but you also have to be the greater role model. YOU.NEED.TO.START. NOW!
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Survey results on how many people litter at FPS

At FPS we also surveyed how much the students litter surprisingly 53% of students litter! Thats more than half the school! But 45% say they dont which is pretty close to 50%. we need to raise that 45% to 100%, We need to encourage the students and basically the whole school! Rubbish needs to end now, our school has been through rubbish so it ends NOW. We brought rubbish so we take rubbish. You dont just throw rubbish for no good reason like '' I'm too busy playing'' I mean cant you just pause and throw it for a second? Or like '' There no bin near by'' There is bins what do you mean theres none? And " I'm too lazy i cant be bothered'' Is it that hard to walk open the rubbish bin and put the rubbish in? As you can see these reasons are really stubborn reasons. Because of these stubborn reasons animals are dying! Put your rubbish in the bin !

Animals are dying!

As you know animals are a victim of this non biodegradable killer!

We keep causing this rubbish take over, we now need to prevent this from happening! Did you know that rubbish is the most common piece of rubbish?

Plastic take thousands of years to break down but once it breaks down in turns into tiny particals roaming in the ocean it is still possible for it to kill!

Our marine animals mistake rubbish for jellyfish or plankton sadly they eat it and get sick. Once they swallow the rubbish it get stuck in the digestive system.

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Pete the Pelican

Take Pete the pelican as an example. He swallowed 17 plastic bags! The plastic bags went in his digestive system which caused him to die slowly because of starvation!!! Pete might have starved for days! You just killed an animal because of being careless!

Brydes Whale

Another death caused by rubbish happened in Cairns on august 2000 sadly an 8m Brydes Whale died and was found dead after being stranded on the beach! The autopsy's found 6m squared plastic in the whales stomache! Its almost as big as the whale ! This death was caused by you! Dont you see what happens if you carelessly throw rubbish, you going to kill!

Soon our world will be nothing if our animals die! Start doing right thing!

Lucky the platypus

Who loves our Australian native animals? If you do well tell me why did a platypus almost die? A platypus got strangles by a plastic ring ! That plastic ring maybe nothing to us but to this animal it cut deeply in its neck. Luckily this platypus saved its own life by over coming its trepidation . Platypus's are normally shy but this platypus came up to a human for help. He was named Lucky, this survivor has already felt the pain of rubbish killing him! This need to stop. Rubbish is taking over our world, our existence can be affected if animals are gone.

Turtle of Moretone bay

If you still dont realize what your doing well the turtle up in Queensland are dying. Green and Hawksbill turtle died because of rubbish. 40% of the turtles died because of plastic, if plactic is still roaming our oceans, turtles will think plastic is jellyfish. We see rubbish but we put our selfs first too much. We need to care for our animals and our world.

My final points

All these animals got affected because of us. We need to stop this, we need a solution, we need animals to survive because without then our exsistance may be gone. Animals are dying everyday. Even if plastic breaks down it turns into a toxin ploating our ocean . We need a better place to put our rubbish. All you need to do is chuck your rubbish in the bin or reuse it.
Our school keeps on getting pile and piles of rubbish. We are causing this. We can turn our school into rubbish. You need to start doing something to fix this, all our animals going to die. If our animals fir we would be nothing, we are harming everyones exsistance! By increasing the percentage of people not littering you would be a life saver! Your the only one who can fix this so start doing it now!
Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Ocean Pollution Awareness

Thank you :)

Thank you for reading my article. I really appreciate you reading it, but please stop littering. After reading this hopefully it made you think about what your doing. STAND ON THE RIGHT SIDE WHICH IS STOP LITTERING.