This Week in Online Learning....

Assignments for the week of February 25-March 1

Government Assignments:

  • Take the Chapter 4 test
  • Do the Chapter 5 Review and check your answers. Ms. Hildebrand has the key for you to use.
  • In PLATO: complete the tutorial and mastery test for "The Media"

The next progress report will be here before you know it! Get moving!!

Economics Assignments

  • Take the Chapter 4 Test
  • Do sections 1-3 for Chapter 5
  • In PLATO: Do the tutorial and mastery test for "Money, Banking and Finance"

We are fast-approaching another progress report! Hint! Hint!

Be sure to ask either me or Ms. Hildebrand to unlock PLATO tests that you need to retake. If you need help, ASK!! We won't know if you don't say anything!