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TransMobi is a mobile tech work academy for 18-24 year olds

Are you unemployed? Passionate about working in mobile technology? But feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?

Founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs - who at times probably felt like a square peg - changed the world: iPhone, iPad, iTunes etc, all came from him.

Working in technology is tough but rewarding and much more than just a job. Rather, it's a way of life and will not only give you fantastic career prospects but it might even offer an opportunity to positively change the world around you.

If you are passionate about a career in mobile technnology we'd really like to help you take those first steps to getting ready for the world of work in mobile technology industry.

How does it work? How can I get involved?

What happens after the Exchange programme?

We are here to help you after you've secured a role. So where you've finish the programme and you decide you want to work for a mobile industry company, we'll continue to mentor you. Chances are, you might not need are help though!

I have more questions!

Of course you do, so let's chat! Post comments on our Facebook profile, send us an email or give us a call.