Seder Jewish Passover

Logan Mortimer

How It Started

The Jewish Passover started when the Jewish people were in-slaved by the Egyptians, and with the help of God left Egypt. Mosses with the help of God put Egypt through many plagues to try and the Jewish people free, but the Egyptians are stubborn and didn't free them causing drastic measures. The last plague is the Angel of Death who kills the first born of every family is sent throughout Egypt, Mosses tells the Jewish people to mark there doors with lambs blood so the Angel passes over there homes, this is where we get the name Passover. The Pharaoh lets the Hebrews go, but then changes his mind so soldiers chase after them, this is where God parts the sea then when the Hebrews are across he closes the gap on the chasing soldiers.

Time of Year

15th of April


22nd of April


The word Seder means order in Hebrew. The order being important to the Jewish people because they do certain things each day of the passover corresponding to what happened in Egypt. These things include cleaning, what they eat and when they eat, doing certain rituals similar to the ancestors, going to church also things like not working on certain days during. This time is one of the most important in the Jewish calendar.

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