Gatsby's Great Guests

The Man Behind the Mansion

The Party

Gatsby's parties usually are attended by the highest members of society and last night was no different. The alcohol was flowing, along with the gossip. Some of Gatsby's origins were discussed- is he a former German spy, a native German, an oxford man, or a murderer? Either way, his party was certainly a den of iniquity. It proved to the rest of the world that if you're rich enough, you really can do whatever you want- what a life! The people we're giddy and beautiful, the two (not one, but two!) dinners were delicious, and the alcohol was divine. As always, guests were reluctant to leave and will no doubt be back again next week.



This party was attended by famous guests such as Jordan Baker, the golfer, some famous singers/dancers, and one guest actually received an invitation from Gatsby himself-Gatsby's neighbor, a Mr. Nick Carraway.