My Career Choice

Kasie Sands

Job Descripiton

So what does a physician assistant do? They are literally what they sound like -an assistant to the physician! PAs work under a physician in doctors offices and hospitals ordering and interpreting x-rays and lab work. To ensure that the physician saves as much time and is still as effective as possible, physicians take on other tasks as well. They put together medical histories for patients and can proceed to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. Prescribing medications can be done, but a PA must first consult a doctor for approval.
What Is A PA?


To be a physician assistant one must obtain a Master's Degree. Listed below are a few universities in North Carolina that offer the program.

  • East Carolina University
  • Wingate University
  • Elon University
  • Wake Forest University
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Salary and Job Growth

The predicted job growth for this career is even greater than expected! The growth rate is much faster than for the average job at a rate of 30%. Although a PA is an assistant and does not have as much direct authority as a M.D., the salary can be seen as similar. Roughly, the average hourly rate is at $46.07 and these professionals earn around $95,820 annually. Keep earning!
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