Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

May 15, 2018

Still in the race!

Even though we have several field trips, drills, assessments, etc, there is still instruction going on. Yesterday we had our fire drill in the morning, the sixth graders stayed outside to learn about the current fauna starting to sprout in the forest behind the school. I saw 3X2 multiplication going on in a third grade classroom (or was it fourth grade, this time of year it all seems like a blur.)

We have several other closure-type activities coming up this week and next so be sure to check out the "Coming events" part of this newsletter.

Next week will be the last newsletter of the year.


Doug Hayman

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Coming Events

14- Kindergarten Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

14- Talent Show - 2pm

15- First Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

15- PTO Meeting 4pm

15- Sixth Grade Egg Drop- 10am

16- Second Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

16- Fourth Grade to Beach (Lynx Tracks)

16 - Fifth Grade Cohoe Beach (Lynx Tracks)

16- Sixth Grade to Kenai Float Trip (Lynx Tracks)

17- Third Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

17- Sixth Grade Demo Bridges- 10am

18- Sixth Grade to Skyview 9am to 1pm

21- Sixth Grade Graduation - End of Year Assembly

21- Minute to Winit Sixth Grade vs Staff

22- K-3 Johnson Lake Picnic 10:30-1:30

23- Last Day of School for Students- Field Day

23- Sixth Grade Basketball Game

24- Last Day for Teachers (especially Mrs. Hopkins)

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