The 50th Cash Reunion

Come join us for food, fun, and fellowship

A Little Family History...

Fifty years ago the very first Cash Reunion was held at James Marvin and Mary Jane Moore Cash's house in July of 1964. J.M. and Mary Jane were married on September 19, 1906 and then had 10 children; Beatrice, Ruth, Nomarie, L.D., Marvin, William, James, Myrtle, Carold, and Charles (Wink). Several more grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born in the coming years. The word reunion means the act of uniting again which was why the first reunion was ever held so family could get together and reconnect with each other again.

Cash Reunion

Sunday, July 28th 2013 at 1pm

742 Shiloh Road

Statesville, NC

Join us in celebrating the 50th Cash Reunion on July 28, 2013 at Shiloh United Methodist Church. Lunch will begin at 1:00 PM. Please bring all of your family members and a dish or two to share with everyone. A PRIZE will be awarded to the GRANDCHILD of Grandpaw and Grandmaw Cash for the most family members present. Please pass along this information to all your siblings and children and lets get the word out and have a great family reunion with as many present as possible. A prize will also be given to the youngest family member present and the eldest present will receive the flowers that will sit in the church the Sunday morning of the reunion. Also at the last family reunion we were left with only $45 to spend on the 50th reunion, with that being said a lot of decorations, prizes, a donation to the church, and flowers for the church have to be purchased and it would be greatly appreciated if any donation could be made to the fund. I know several people weren't at the last reunion and since its the 50th we will hopefully have a big turn out. Any money donated would be greatly appreciated and can be mailed to 121 Spring Meadows Ln. Statesville NC, 28677. Also thank you to the people that did donate at the last reunion. Also please let any family members know that aren't on the email list, thanks!


Alaina Cash

Lunch will be held in the fellowship hall at 1:00PM. After we will have fellowship with family, a corn hole tournament outside and bingo inside both with Prizes. If you have Corn Hole boards please bring them, thanks!