I CAN be an Entrepreneur

Mrs Lakdawala

Entrepreneurship Student

Grade XX

Include any other information that you feel is important. It should relate to entrepreneurship or business.

Entrepreneurship IS appealing to me because...

In this section discuss what is appealing to you with regards to owning your own business. Make sure to discuss what advantages of entrepreneurship really appeal to you. You may find it easier to discuss why the disadvantages DON'T discourage you.

Minimum of THREE.

I HAVE many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

In this section, discuss the characteristic and skills that YOU have that would make you a good entrepreneur.

Make sure to discuss the five essential factors discussed in class (passion, social abilities, determination, networking and knowledge of business and industry). In addition, make sure to discuss any positive results from the entrepreneurship self-assessment.

Give evidence to support WHY you believe you have those skills and characteristics.

Minimum of FIVE characteristics/skills and supporting evidence.

I CAN have a successful business that...

In this section discuss what type of business you would be interested in owning if you were to become an entrepreneur one day. Explain what interests you about that business.