Rules 4 Parents


Rule # 1

~ Don't text and drive because it is dangerous for you.

Rule # 2

~ Keep your battery charged 10% or higher in case of an emergency.

Rule # 3

~ Don't give your phone number to websites that you don't know

Rule # 4

Change your settings to private because you don't know hows on the other side of your screen watching every single move of yours.

Rule# 5

Don't drink and drive. You are not just putting your self in danger but also the others around you.
Texting and Driving Crash - It Can Wait

Rule# 6

Don''t give you password to any one.

Rule# 7

Get proper sleep at night.

Rule# 8

Don't go over speed while driving.

Rule# 9

Don't take any drugs it is bad for your body.

Rule# 10

Stay away from people you don't know or don't feel comfortable hanging around.

Remember Your safety comes first.

It Can Wait Texting and Driving Simulator - AT&T Annual Report 2012