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What is it?

According to the Merrium Webster dictionary cyberbullying can be defined as: the electronic posting of mean-spirited about a person often done anonymously. Cyberbullying is done electronically through texts, emails, social media, chats, and websites.
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Preventing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be prevented by both parents and students by communication with one another. Parents should know what their child is doing, who they are with, what sites they go on, and have them as a "friend" or "follower" on their social media. Communicate with each other about your day and whats going on in their social life. Students and parents should have a strong and trusting relationship. Make sure your child knows that they can trust you and come to you if something is going on.
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What can I do?

Cyberbullying needs to come to an end but how? Well we can start with thinking before we post a picture or message or send a text. Think about how the message will come across to the other person and how you would feel if you received that message. If you are a victim or witness someone being bullied you need to tell an adult and stay away from the bully.