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  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 163,654,860 As of: 2014
  • The royal Bengal tiger lives in Sundarban. The Cox's Bazar Beach is the worlds largest beach's_Bazar_panorama.jpg

Geographic Features

(North) India (South) Bay of Bengal

(East) India (West) India


  • People who settled in Bangladesh were called the Bang.
  • The Gupta Empire was developing knowledge and focus.
  • In 273 B.c King Asoka helps the Buddhist faith spread.
  • In 1534 Sher Shah Suri declared Independence.

People and Places

  • Bangladesh has 3 major rivers, Padma, Jamuna, and Meghna. They empty into the Bay of Benegal.
  • Since Bangladesh has a low elevation, they could have a flood.
  • People were suppose to talk Urdu but they usually speak Bangla.
  • Bangladesh has 5 basic pillars, they are Shahada, Swan, Salat, Zakat, Hajj.


  • Cricket is a major game in Bangladesh, its similar to Baseball.
  • In 2010 Bangladesh women won a silver medal playing Cricket.
  • Kids receive a free education until 8th grade, until then they have to pay.
  • City kids get accesses to internet but the outside kids don't, instead they go play outside.'s_Day.jpg


  • A prime minister is selected to serve for 5 year-terms.
  • Bangladesh has 14 amendments they change every year.
  • Bangladesh is the third country that produces textile.
  • A rickshaw is pulled from a man.'s_Day.jpg

My choice

  • Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal".
  • Bangladesh has royal tiger called the Benegal Tiger .
  • The fourth largest Muslim country is Bangladesh.



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