By: Olivia & Angelina

Born A Fighter


Athena’s mother’s name was Metis and her fathers name was Zeus. Athena’s brother’s name was Hephaestus. She also had a half brother named Hercules. Her friends were the people of Athens. Here is the story of how Athena was born. The oracle said Metis’s first child be a girl but her second child be a be a boy to take over Zeus. Zeus swallowed Metis to try to stop her from having a girl just in case. Then Hephaestus split open his skull and Athena came out. That is the story of how Athena was born. The moral of the story is to accept life and the way it plays out.

Athena Interview

Athena Interview

Athena Interview:

By: Olivia Cole & Angelina Garelli

Emily: Hey, Athena so glad you could come.

Athena:Thanks for having me.

Emily: I have a few questions for you.

Athena: I’ll be happy to answer them.

Emily: First question, out of all the members in your family who is your favorite?

Athena:That is tough, but I would have to say that I am closest to my dad, Zeus. I always was his favorite child.

Emily: Great answer! Next question, how do you feel about the Athens naming their city-state after you?

Athena: I felt very honored to have them do this for me.

Emily: Ok, third question, out of all of your enemies who gets you fired up the most and why?

Athena: I would have to say Arachne, because when she beat my at weaving I got really mad and turned her into a spider. I did this because I am the goddess of war, wisdom and the arts. I should’ve won. Not her.

Emily: Ok then, on to the next question. What do you think stands out about you?

Athena:I think my bright blue eyes make me stand out along with my shield. My shield has Medusa’s face on it. By having her on it I can turn warriors into stone when in battle.

Emily: That is really cool! Last question, out of all the gods and goddess’s powers, which one would you choose if you got the chance to?

Athena: I would choose my father, Zeus’s power. I think it is really cool to be able to through bolts of lighting without getting shocked.

Emily: I would have chose that too! Well, that’s all the questions I have today. Thanks for coming.

Athena: And thanks for having me!

Emily: You’re welcome. Bye!

Athena: Bye!

Dance teacher VS Goddess

Abby Lee Miller VS Athena


~ mean

~ teaches dance

~ lives in Pennsylvania

~ had a dog

~ loud

~ unfair

~control freak




~lives at Mount Olympus

~has an owl



~not a control freak



~have enemies


~places named after them


~jealous of someone