christopher jalomo


Don't know where to buy cool sytled hats? go to lids!!!! Lids brodvides cool and lucturis hats.From sports to funny looking hats.Lids is the only srore that only a store for hats.

where is one lids located and types of hats

what lids is all about

Lids is a sport group that aperats with hats.What they do is they can provids any thing that deals with headwear .Lids also provid hates from sports to customed hats for example if you want a hat that says or deals with spurs lids is the place because they give lots of selactions some in different coolers,or if you want to customize one you can at a low price.And lids provids cleaners to make them last longer,and keep thim nice at all time.Lids also sell sport jersys and mugs and all types of sport gear.