Rusk County

BY: Angelica Luna


There were many settlers coming to Rusk County. there was a population of 8,148 during the late 1840s. The second largest county population in the state. The majority of the people were farmers and 2,136 were slaves. James Smith was the man with the most land he owned 53,000 acres. By 2000 there were 47,372 people living in the county. About 70 percent were Anglo, 20 percent were black, and 10 percent were Hispanic. In the early twenty-first century oil and gas lumbering was the key elements of the area's economy. More than 2,823,000 barrels of oil and 75,642,595 cubic feet of gas well gas were produced in the county in 2004

Where You Can Go

#1 At Lake Forest Park you can go fishing and there is jogging trails and you can have a nice picnic under the blue sky. And for your kids there is a playground where you can have lots of fun.

#2 The Howard Dickinson House was the first brick home built in the county. Its open to anyone but you have to make an appointment first.