4th Amendment

Esther Asamu

what is the 4th amendment?

The right of the people to be secure in their houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no warrant issue, but upon probable cause.


  • Another practical example would be if you were pulled over in your car, or just pulled aside on the street for no reason other than why they pulled you over? Say speeding! They would need your permission (legally) to search your car or purse.
    If one had nothing to hide, one would let them to expidite the situation. But if one wanted to put one's foot down, one would be legally able to say no and make a case of it. Police or others cannot search your property unless there is a valid immediate need to such as a high speed pursuit. Pulling you over for expired tabs and wanting to search your car requires your permission.
    Those were simple examples.
The Fourth Amendment Explained: US Government Review

my oppinion

  • I agree with the 4th amendment because it gives us the right to a secure and private life and doesn't let us get worried about anything we do.
  • if the u.s didn't have this amendment, i think there would be a lot of chaos, and not everybody would be on the same page or mindset that we have today. i also think there would be a lot of demand for changes.
  • The connection that i have is that it's benificial to me because i don't put everything out there plus all my stuff doesn't have to get searched unless there's a probable cause. It makes me feel like my rights are being protected and respected.