Desired Results Developmental Profile Training (DRDP) Feb. 20 AND Feb 27

Friday, Feb. 20th, 8:30am-3:30pm

London Hall; UMC Campus, Columbia MO

Learn to use this pre-school assessment tool that is highly-recommended by DESE to evaluate the learning, development, and progress of children who are enrolled in early care and education programs. The training is open to all staff, providers and administrators working with preschool age children in day care, or private or public pre-schools. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND BOTH DAYS (8:30-3:30).

NO COST Lunch and parking passes will be provided.

Implementing and Overseeing a Co-Teaching Program

Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 8:30am-3:30pm

London Hall, UMC campus, Columbia MO

This workshop is designed for building and district-level administrators who currently have co-teachers within their buildings/districts OR desire to implement a co-teaching program in the future. The training will address:

• Characteristics of quality co-teaching programs,
• How to evaluate and oversee the co-teaching program and it's participants,
• A process for long-term planning and implementation of co-teaching,
• Overcoming possible roadblocks to co-teaching. This training session will provide participants with many examples and practical ideas that may be used by administrators who oversee (or plan to oversee) a co-teaching program. Cost $15 Lunch on your own.

WIDA ELD Standards in Action: Differentiation Workshop

Tuesday, March 3rd, 8:30am-3:30pm

Room 3 London Hall UMC campus Columbia MO

English language learners need instruction that is differentiated for their diverse proficiency levels. Participants will collaborate on how to customize instruction for ELLs utilizing WIDA tools while taking academic language into consideration. This workshop is appropriate for classroom teachers, English language specialists, administrators, curriculum development specialists, and support staff who are familiar with WIDA Standards. Participants will be able to: Define what language differentiation means in the instruction and assessment of ELLs
• Describe how scaffolds and supports engage ELLs at various levels in the language and content of a lesson
• Describe how content, product, process, and environment are taken into account for language differentiation
• Describe the relationship between proficiency level and domain in differentiation Prerequisite: Participants should be able to describe:
• academic language and its connection to the WIDA ELD Standards within a socio-cultural context
• the components of the WIDA ELD Standards Framework
• the elements of the amplified standards matrix Presented by Amy Faust Fraser No Cost for Training. Lunch is on your own.

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