SCS Cheerleaders!

Coach Sales

Pep Rally: September 15th

Hello to my new family! I have been so impressed with each girl in these last two weeks. We have been having a great time together and learning A LOT! With that said, I want to make sure we are completely prepared for our First Pep Rally on September 15th.


Saturday, Sep. 12th, 10am-12pm

Southcrest Christian School, Cumberland Campus

Bring Pom Poms

Miss Margo Designs Opportunity!

We have been given a very generous opportunity. I have specially designed a new BACKPACK for Miss Margo Designs customized for our SCS Cheerleaders. The backpack will be a one-of-a-kind handmade bag and will be in our school colors. I will have examples for you to check out the design and quality at our practices this week. THESE BACKPACKS ARE 100% OPTIONAL... I REPEAT: OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED!

Uniform Corrections

Last week, the uniform rep came and recognized our need for correctly fitting uniforms! The company will be sending us the new sizes in a few weeks. I have ordered the girls a t-shirt to be worn with their cheerleading skirt for the first few games and pep rally until the uniforms arrive. Thank you for your patience!