Observation Two

My time here in Greece has been going so fast. Its hard to believe we have already been here for three weeks. During our first trip to the Peloponnese we had a fantastic bus driver named Nikos, who took care of us the entire weekend. I had the opportunity to eat two meals with him which gave me the chance to get to know him better. During our conversation I could see how important his family was to him. He talked about them all the time. We asked him if he was going to ski with us and he said "oh no to dangerous." Nikos didn't want to do anything that would put him at risk at not being able to spend time with his wife and two kids. Nikos example of his love for his job and family is an encouragement to me and I know to many others. When the trip came to an end and Nikos dropped us off at The Artemis I told him thank you, that I enjoyed getting to know him, and that I appreciated him. When I told him this he put his hand over his heart and said thank you. Nikos is not the first Greek I have seen do this, but I haven't noticed it in the States. Through watching Miss Vicki and Nikos I believe a lot of Greeks do this gesture to show their appreciation.