Chinese schools of thought

By : Jaydah Combs


The philosopher of Confucianism was Confucius. The goal of Confucianism was to reform society. It also encouraged people to participate in society so the government lead them by example. A teaching of Confucianism was filial which was to respect your elders, ancestors, and social superiors .
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The philosopher of Legalism was Hanfeizi in the Qin dynasty. Hanfeizi believed that peoples nature was evil and good was acquired. He forced people to work on public projects without any say in the situation and punished them if they did not.
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Taoism (Daoism)

The philosopher of Taoism was Laozi. The "tao" in Taoism means "The way". Laozi thought the best govenment is governed by someone who the least work. To be happy you had to practice alchmey and magic, live in harmony with nature and a have a simple life.
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Buddhism in china

Under the emperor of asoka of india aound AD 100 missionaries diffused buddhism into china. Buddhist stupas/temples became important cultural centers.The pagoda architecture also diffused to china.
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