Demon's Alley

Reasearch Question

Was there actually neighboorhood massacre?


Demon's Alley was a small neighborhood of 11 houses in what's now Westford, New Jersey. Demon's Alley didn't have much history until the disaperance of the neighborhood's people. The only well known history is that, twice, a few houses were set on fire by vandales , once in November 4 th, 2000 and July, 2002.

The Most Well Known Theory

The most well known theory is that one man killed everyone in the neighboorhood. One man moved into the neighborhood and strange things started happening like power lines being cut, windows being smashed, and even to the extreme of pets being killed. The people of the neighborhood though these were pranks from kids that lived in the area. Nobody knew the background of this new person but he was supposedly the leader of a satanic cult. So one night he held a meeting, with the neighborhood, at his house to discuss the problems. When everyone showed up he luered them into his basement were he killed everyone.


The evidence that I found makes me belive that there was no massacre. I belive this because nobody knows who this murderer is and there wasn't traces of blood found in the basement. A reason that many people think something like this happened is because that most of the belongings were left in the houses. Things like televisions, furniture, and food were all still laying in the houses.

I belive that there was a radon outbreak. Radon is a radioactive, colorless, oderless, and tasteless gas. It's the decay product of radium, which can be found in the ground. The people were orderd to leave the area and take only very important things, this is why all the houses were still filled. I also think that if there was a massacre that they would know who the murderer was and it would be a bigger news story


  • One man killed everyone in the neighborhood
  • The members of a cult killed everyone
  • There was a radon outbreak
  • The neighborhood was used as a movie set