Aaron Copland

Pratik Singh

Composer in the 20th Century or Modern Era

Aaron Copland was a 20th century composer who was worthy of study.
In my article the idea that was portrayed was that Copland wasn't able to play much music at a young age. The Copland's weren't very musical, if you're feeling that you aren't very musical but you want to be, you should study Aaron Copland and you might be inspired . Copland wasn't a young sensation like Mozart, he started playing the piano at 14. Mozart played many instruments but he didn't play the modern piano like Copland they both were extremely talented but Copland decided he wanted to master piano and compose musical pieces. Aaron Copland only played the piano but he spent most of his time writing music. Aaron was like how many people were at the start of their careers, working a small job but working their way to become famous.

Aaron Copland was a very interesting musician, even though he played one instrument he made very complex pieces for an orchestra, ballets and an opera. "Aaron Copland was one of the first composers to take full advantage of the new technologies," Copland lived in New York, New York, and this tech (recordings, radio and motion pictures), made his music still famous today. Also if you study Copland you will see the importance of writing music, you can play one instrument and still be a great and famous musician. This reminds me of how I once told my cousin to pursue one sport and he ended up getting in a good college and got to play his favorite sport. Both people did one thing and were really great at it.

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