The Comet-tary Parent Edition

Comets DON'T Quit! We've Got Grit!

January 25th - January 29th

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Cooper 2021-2022 Intent to Return Form

Below you will find an “Intent to Return” form that provides us information on your child’s enrollment for the next school year. For questions regarding your options for enrollment, please contact the Cooper School office at 707-453-6210

VUSD's The Great Kindness Challenge - January 25-29

Monday is the beginning of The Great Kindness Challenge Week! State Superintendent Tony Thurmond has asked all schools in California to participate and to share kindness photos on social media to encourage others to do the same.

Please encourage your student to participate, and email Mrs. Pinto ( or Ms. Cruthird ( photos so that we can share them.

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Kindness Essay Prompt and Prizes

Kindness Essay must be submitted using this form by January 29

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County Virtual Science Fair for grades 3-12

This year, the Solano County Office of Education is hosting a county-wide Virtual Science and Engineering Fair. Students in grades 3-12 may enter, with grades organized into the following bands: 3-5, 6-8, and high school. The deadline to sign up for the fair is March 1st, with all slide decks due no later than March 16th. The fair is virtual and all student participants will be recognized for their efforts. Students will need to begin their work well before the March 1st entry deadline. Students in grades 6 who enter are also competing at the county level for the California State-Wide Science Fair.


"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." Margaret Cousins

Through November, the Communications Department wants to take a moment to share letters of Appreciation with you and our community!

We will be sharing Vacaville Unified Nice Notes through social media! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our content! We want everyone to see how far kindness can go!

To participate in VUSD Nice Notes fill out the Google Form below

Cooper Virtual Learning Expectations

Be Safe:

  • Do not share your online username and password with others
  • Do not share Zoom links publicly
  • Do not chat with strangers or join unknown Zoom sessions
  • Report online bullying or inappropriate online chats to a trusted adult right away
  • Only use your school account for school work – not for playing online games or browsing on the web

Be Respectful:

  • Mute microphones when others are speaking
  • Respect others opinions
  • Use proper test etiquette
  • Help each other during group assignments and in designated meeting rooms
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Be actively engaged
  • Follow instructions
  • Wait your turn to speak
  • Use the raise your hand feature
  • Minimize distractions
  • Use the chat feature appropriately
  • Do not change your name
  • Do not change your backgrounds
  • Come to class dress appropriately

Be Responsible:

  • Complete tasks on time
  • Be prepared
  • Ask for help
  • Write in complete sentences
  • Log in on time
  • Organize your materials
  • Set daily goals
  • Make yourself visible

In honor of celebrating/observing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, Mrs. Arnett read two stories reflecting the dreams he embodied. His story along with a very short story pointing out that you are you and I am me and we need each other and our differences!

Why Am I Me? by Paige Britt, Sean Qualls, Selina Alko
Martin´s Big Words, The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. by Doreen Rappaport
New Year's Resolution Skill Grid

Did you make a New Year's resolution or resolutions for 2021? Briefly share what it is, and what you need to do to accomplish it. You can also tell us how it is going so far for you. Practice before you record yourself. Have fun!

English Language Learner Reclassification

Angad Cheema

Vy Van

Layla Yang

Gurman Dhaliwal


Attendance is Important!

If your child is absent, please do not forget to call the office (707)453-6210. Our new attendance secretary is Chantal Little.

Classes with the BEST attendance for December

CONGRATULATIONS!! to the following classes for having perfect attendance:

Mrs.Scheper/Ms. MacKenzie fourth grade, Ms. Edwards first grade, Ms. Fair fifth grade, Ms. Thomas second grade

Shout out to the following classes for almost perfect attendance: Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Bechtel, Mrs. Ariola, Mrs. McGee, Ms. Stratton, and Mrs. Ochoa

December "Students of the Month"

The following students were nominated by their teachers: Mrs. Pinto will deliver a lawn sign to you, and you will receive a certificate and brag tag from your teacher.

Kindergarten- Adelina Campos, Riley Rolin-Calkins, Karina Campos, Nathan Peete, Santino (Sonny) Parente

First - Elijah Van Sciver, Kinslee Baldwin, Ella Ellis, Tanner Rafus, Alan Navarrete Galindo

Second - Mani Muzac-Ordonez, Aryana Garcia, Holden Davis, Truman Davis, Lane Slover, Heidi Haboush

Third - Zayden Burke, Franky Poe, Charlize Wise, Keahi Holokahi

Fourth - Jake Marson, Lily Hodges, Riley Ross-Hughes, Faith Carver, Chlaeanna Mielle Magracia

Fifth - Milo Barry, Jared Oliver, Zoe Bacinett

Sixth - Jaydon Robinson, Lorenzo Sing, Donovan Pizzo, Michael Linsceid, Carl Adrian Siao

Additionally, the following students were also nominated by their teachers. You will be receiving a certificate and brag tag from your teacher.

Kindergarten - J.J. Vincent, Ryan Jellinghausen,

First - Zoie Marquez

Second - Kelsie Tegeler

Sixth - Giovanni Felton, Jaylina Tostado


December Student of the Month Lawn signs

All December "Student of the Month" lawn signs will be picked up the first week of February. Please take care of the lawn signs. We appreciate your help with this.

Happy Birthday Celebrations!

1/25/2021 Brody Binnebose, Gregory Miyashiro

1/26/2021 Zoe Bacinett, Lucas Dunlap, LilleeReyna Garcia, Noah Graham, Abby Grubb

1/27/2021 Tamia-Mari Candejas, Justin Munson, Hazel Polkinghorn, Nataly Saligan Rollins

1/30/2021 Kennedy Pichardo, Abigail Turner

1/31/2021 Sebastian Abrera, Adam Bartee, Josephine and Mackenzie Conner, Alexandra Isabel Custodio, Xingtong Lin, Joshua Ramos, Gianna Isabella Tiran

Pinto's Pen

We are reminded to teach our kids to think intensely and critically. Mrs. Arnett's beautiful story reminded us that we are all unique. Virtual learning fatigue is real. But, I am really impressed with the grit and resilience I see each day in the virtual classrooms. We are a team! The Kindness Challenge week is a good reminder for us to be kind to each other and ourselves. We miss hearing your kids on campus, and be part of their endless curiosity. Please take part in the Kindness Challenge week activities, and send us lots of photos.

Proud to be a Comet!

~Ms. Cruthird and Mrs. Pinto