Welcome to the 20-21 School Year!

The Best Little School in the Low Country!

A Fresh Start

The Long Break is OVER! The time has come to start returning to some bit of normalcy. We are super excited to begin welcoming our students back who are returning in person and welcome our Temporary Remote Learners, and Virtual Academy Learners. We want to make this transition seamless for everyone, so please have a bit more patience and be flexible with us as we all deal with the changes Covid-19 brings to how we operate at the school. We understand that many of you have concerns about your children returning to the building. Everyone, including students, will wear masks in the building and approaching and exiting the building. Plexiglass shields are installed in all classrooms. Sanitation procedures are in place to maintain safety daily. Safety procedures take priority in making sure our students are able to return.

You can continue to help by encouraging your child to keep their mask on and by keeping your child home when they show signs of illness, have a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, recent loss of taste/smell, experiencing digestive issues, have taken fever reading medication, or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Thanks in advance

Big Changes!!

Usually, we allow a week of parents escorting students to their rooms at the beginning of the school year, but due to Covid-19 parents must say goodbye outside the building. We understand this is a big change but we will have many, many adults walking around and helping guide kids to their classroom. Prepare your child for this and let them know that teachers will be helping them along the way. If you think your child might be shy and not want to speak, you might consider putting a sticker on them with their name and grade level.

Please follow these guidelines to remain safe and ensure we are able to continue to be in school.

Please bear with us as we implement this change.

Starting our Day- Arrival

Bus Arrival- Students coming on the bus will arrive at school by 7 am. Buses will unload one at a time and footsteps are painted on the sidewalk of the bus entrance to help with social distancing as they walk in the building. Stickers are placed throughout the school as well. Students will walk to class from the bus. If they want breakfast they are allowed to grab breakfast from the cafeteria, but they will take it with them to the classroom. The cafeteria will not be used for sitting for breakfast. Monitors and Teachers will be spread throughout the building to monitor and encourage social distancing and to help guide students to the correct locations.

Walkers- Parking on campus and walking your child up to the school is not allowed this year. However, families may still avoid the car rider line and walk their children from their neighborhood to the school. Due to the construction of the LBHS softball field, the walker entrance is now the same as the bus entrance.

Car Arrival Options

Car Rider Line-The car rider line will probably be a little longer to begin as parents are new and getting used to things. Please be patient. We will have a little grace with tardies in the beginning as we get our routines consistent. The tardy bell rings at 7:25 and normally everyone remaining in the car line will have to put their car in "park" and come sign their child in. Let's avoid this by doing a couple of things:

  • First remember to have your doors unlocked once you are near the cones on the sidewalk, so monitors can open your door when you stop.
  • Have car seats, belts undone, bags and lunches in-hand, and ready to go in this unloading zone.
  • Have students on the passenger side of the car. If your passenger side door is broken, then please use the park and walk option, to avoid holding up the line.
  • Drive all the way up to the next car. Kindergarten parents please keep moving as your child exits your car, you cannot hold up the line to watch them walk in the gate.

Early Car Arrivals-Early arrival students can begin to unload at 6:50. This is courtesy of JBE to allow parents a few extra minutes to navigate traffic and get to their workplace. Families that use this option use the car rider line and remain in their car until teachers come out at 6:50 to begin opening doors. Students enter and unlike last year they reported to the library. This year they will enter through the double doors for the CD-2 Wing and walk down to the cafeteria doors. Again monitors will be present to guide them, There, they will wait socially distanced until the 7 o'clock bell rings and walk to class. They may eat breakfast while they wait.

Car Tags for Dismissal

We have begun to pass out car tags to families. They arrived a bit late so if you attended LEAP week early in the week you were probably missed. No worries; teachers will be sending them home along with your child at dismissal. Families are being issued a number this year. You can still list the students' names on the tag, but the teacher conducting dismissal will refer to the number. If you need more than one tag for mom/dad's car or grandparent's car, please request it, but ensure your tags have the same number. Families with siblings will still have one number. Check out the sample picture. Cars with no tags after Thursday will have to come in and sign the student out.

JBE's New Dismissal Style

Buses will dismiss first usual, but this time they will dismiss one bus at a time. After buses, afterschool programs/daycare pick-ups are dismissed. Next are Walkers and Bike Riders, then Car Riders. Car riders will come out as parents drive up to the school. Your car tag will tell the teacher which number to call for the student/family and will send them to stand by a certain cone for you to pull up next to for pick-up. Again, please bear with us as this is a new system to help us with social distancing instead of having all car riders out in front of the school. We will be reviewing our systems after week one and seeing if adjustments are needed.
Please understand that these are just plans, they may change. Please be flexible as we work through technical issues and troubleshoot the first couple of days. Your assignment may be something as simple as making sure we can log on and work the buttons. Remember to stay positive as we work through the kinks. Take a deep breath!

5th Grade Schedule

5th Grade Temp. Remote Schedule

Uniform Drive Through

There will be a T-shirt pick-up drive through if you ordered and were not able to pick up or if you placed an order and did not already pay. This will take place next Thursday from 4 to 6. In front of the school. Parents just need to drive through. For questions or concerns please email JBEuniforms@gmail.com

Our Motto During the COVID-19 Crisis:

“We can’t do everything students and communities deserve, but students and communities deserve all we can do.”

As always we are here for you so do not hesitate to reach out.


Ms. Fountain and Mrs.Temoney