Augusto Pinochet of Chile

By Chris Briggs and Jonathan Preston

The Life of Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was born on November 25, 1915 and joined the Chilean army in 1935. He rose trough the ranks quickly and and was appointed Commander in Chief in 1973 by President Salvadore Allende. He led the coup that overthrew Allende and after being in power for 25 years he was put under arrest but died in '06 before he could be tried for alleged human rights violations.

Once he overthrew Allende he established himself as the head of the military regime and in 1980 he created a constitution making himself president for an eight year term. A plebiscite restricted him to presidency until 1990 but he held his position as Commander in Chief until 1998. He ran his government through abuse. He led a strong government and it was very successful.

Pinochet uses his military experience and uniform to intimidate his followers. In his speeches he speaks in an agressive tone and wears his medals to show he was a hero and display his achievements. Most people thought he was a symbol of ruthlessness while those who admire his economic reforms see through that.

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I started my big leaps,

when joined the army peeps.

I started getting a new position,

and I married the girl I was wishin'.

I became the Division General,

then my power became federal.

I was promoted to Commander in Chief,

that started president Allende's grief.

I was the leading plotter for the coup,

Allende did not have a clue.

I declared myself Supreme Chief of the Nation,

I now single handedly rule the region.

I did not like hearing other people,

when they stated disappearing I was called evil.

I ruled Chile through fear,

so its a dictatorship up in here.

On a nicer note,

I let my people vote.

On march 11th I stepped down,

but all of my followers won't let me leave town.

Then they figured out what I did,

I killed a lot of people and even a kid.

You want to try me for my crime,

Well not in this time.

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Pinochet is a Dictator

This video is in spanish so it might be hard to understand, but that is okay because his dictator qualities can be seen. He is standing right in the middle because he is the center of attention. He has a military uniform on showing his pride and his achievements He has a flag in the background showing his pride in his country, but in front of it shows me he thinks he is better than it. His figure is big and intimating because he is acting big and tough.