deadpool genetics

healing factor

backstory on wade wilson

wade willson is a mesonary for hire. when he was diegnosed with cancer hesigned up for a gene treatment they put him though a veriety of life thretining tests to activate his mutant genes such as drounding,and an oxigen vacume chamber. when it was trigered he became known as deadpool the merc with a mouth. his abilities include rapid regeneration, witch allows hin to survive all ingeries and even grow back limbs.

What causes deadpools healing factor to rapidly regenerate

hox gene

Hox genes are a group of related genes that control the body plan of an embryo along the cranio-caudal (head-tail) axis. After the embryonic segments have formed, the Hox proteins determine the type of segment structures (e.g. legs, antennae, and wings in fruit flies or the different types of vertebrae in humans) that will form on a given segment. Hox proteins thus confer segmental identity, but do not form the actual segments themselves.

prevention of to much cell divition

Two types of genes help prevent out-of-control cell division: proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.


Proto-oncogenes often make proteins involved in detecting growth factors, so when they’re mutated into ‘oncogenes’, a tumor cell grows uncontrollably

Tumor suppressor genes

Tumor suppressor genes make things like p53 (tumor protein 53), which scans DNA and activates a cells’s repair machinery if it detects damage.