My Blood Sugar Is Normal Again

Besides Getting Glucose Under Control, My Cravings Went Away

I was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2018. Back then I was about 232 pounds and wore a size 44 pants. In addition to being a little heavier, I was also drinking a lot. I would work, and then go home and drink. Of course, when you start drinking, you get hungry - then you're going to Jack-in-the-Box late at night and eating tacos and all that stuff.

I was drinking Mountain Dews to stay awake because I worked the graveyard shift. I didn't realize that the more sugar I put in, the more I was just hurting myself. So I'd drink Mountain Dew and 10 minutes later, I'd go to the bathroom. Then I'd get thirsty and I'd drink some more, and it was a continuous cycle. What got my attention was the time I went to the restroom and urinated blood. I was like, Whoa, something's the matter.

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I went to the doctor and then I was taken to the hospital. I found out that my blood sugar was over 800 mg/dl. (Blood sugar levels are usually in the 70-140 mg/dl range.) It was the highest blood sugar level the doctors had seen in a long time. I was scared. I didn't know what to do. My eyesight was kind of blurry and there was just a lot going on.

I'd been on different diets but they weren't helping, they just made me moody and hungry all the time. So when I found out about GlucoTrust, I decided to go for it. Within a couple of weeks, my fasting blood sugar was way down and I was losing weight even though I wasn't dieting, just eating a little bit more sensibly.

My blood sugar has stabilized at around 125 and if this keeps up I should be able to get off my prescription meds. It's helping me slim down as well. I've lost 60 pounds so far, with very little exercise. After all the different things I've tried to control my blood sugar and my weight, I'm really glad I found a solution.