Culture of Kenya

The People

There are about 32.02 million people in Kenya and growing. The people speak english and Swahili. There are 47 different ethnic groups and each one has a different dialect of the languages. Christianity is the main religion of Kenya. Kenyans are very warm and friendly and respectful of the national flag. They dress conservitavely with Western and African style clothing. Women wear dresses and only elderly men and children wear shorts.


A traditional Kenyan greeting would be, "Jambo!" Eye contact is very important in this culture and you should never use your left and alone (use right hand when accepting something). Visiting is very commom and Saturday is the traditional day to drop by. Public displays of affection are not improper but is very common for people to do so in Nairobi.

Life Styles

The averge Kenyan family has more than the average American family because they live with their extended family. Soccer is one of the national sports and the favorite throughout the country. Kenya has a very wide selection of fruit: pineapples, mangoes, oranges, bananas, plantains, and papayas. One of the most traditional styles of music is contemporary which also goes by benga. Businesses are open Monday-Friday in the cities and markets and stands are open everyday in the more rural areas