Piero Della Francesca



Piero Della Francesca was thought to be born in Sansepolcro Italy in 1420 and died october 12th 1492, but dates and location were never definite. He always stayed in touch with his born town but he travled to Arezzo, Rimini, Ferrara, and Rome. Historians say that he most likely studied with the skilled artist of his time. Francesca also had a love for math and science. His life consisted of goos schooling, lots of traveling and at the last years of his life he stopped painting for writing book about painting and geometry. his patrons were mostly his family.

The Work

Ledged of The True Cross was completed in 1466. The significance of this work is the starter of this mural had died in the middle of the project and Francesca was asked to complete it. I find this picture interesting because this was the first wall art he did as an artist. His art work is mostly the opposite of secularism, its really about moving more toward the church.

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