The Northeast

By: Hayden, Ben G, Joey, and Cameron


The winters in the northeast are long cold and usually have a lot of snow. The northeast region is halfway in between the equator and the North Pole. And also the living things in the northeast region need to learn to adapt to the weather.
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Land And Water

The northeast region has lots of mountains and rocky land. Mount Washington is the

highest peak in the northeast region and one of the windiest places in the world. The Great Lakes and Erie Canal are very important waterways.

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Food clam chowder, crab cakes, lobster,and other seafood are among the reigon most popular food also eat lot of dairy. Fun, basketball and volleyball we're invented in Massachusetts they enjoy hiking and snow skiing. People, many people are immigrants.
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Some landmarks are, The Statue of Liberty is in NY ( New York ) city. The Liberty bell is located in Philadelphia. The Hersey bar was first made in Pennsylvania and Hersey Park is located in Pennsylvania also.
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Products And Natural Resources

Many products and natural resources are used to build important stuff these are the products and natural resources granite, coal, Marble, waterways, oceans, and rivers.


That is all you need to learn about the northeast hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!