The Main Things

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September 19th 2022

The Main Things | Security, Oakdale Update, Story of a Student

Main Thing 1: Safety is our Priority

This year and every year, the Medford School District is focusing on safety and security. We are taking several steps to make sure our students and staff are safe. Some of those steps include incorporating more safety drills, locking all exterior doors, required ALICE training for staff and we are working closely with the Medford Police Department.

We want all families to be aware of SAFEOREGON. Through SAFEOREGON you can submit an anonymous tip if you see or hear about bullying, violence, drugs or harm to your school or student. You can report tips here or by calling or texting 844-472-3367. You can also email

Click here for a resource you can use to talk with your students about school safety.

Main Thing 2: Oakdale Middle School to Open 2023-2024

Renovations are underway at Oakdale Middle School and the school will open next year, 2023-2024. Next year, all 6th grade classes will move from our elementaries to one of our middle schools - McLoughlin, Hedrick or Oakdale. Ruch and MOA will continue to serve middle school aged students.

This exciting opportunity for 6th graders will give them access to activities and athletics at the middle school level. We are also working to keep the 6th graders somewhat contained separately from the 7th and 8th graders.

It is exciting! More information will come throughout the year.

Main Thing 3: Story of a Student

We are pleased to share with you our new ‘Story of a Student’ guiding document. Last Fall, we asked you what your hopes and dreams are for your students. We took your input to create the document that embodies the knowledge and skills our students need to bring their stories to life.

In the Medford School District, ALL are learning and learning is for ALL!

You can check out the full document here.

Other Things

Golden Pass!

In the Medford School District, we aim to harmonize community by inviting the community to join us for important events! That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our Medford School District Golden Pass where anyone over age 65 will be able to get into our athletic events FREE of charge! All you need to do is show your ID at the ticketing booth. To see a list of athletic events visit the high schools’ athletic pages here - South Medford High School and North Medford High School.

Medford Athletic Youth Sports Day

The Oregon Ducks are inviting students, family and friends of the Medford School District to Autzen stadium. As part of Youth Sports Day, you will get the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for the October 1st game, when the Ducks take on the Stanford Cardinal. You can purchase tickets here.
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