San Francisco

The Sunny City


San Francisco is a wonderfully sunny city by the Golden Gate. It has deep blue oceans and summer breezes. The whole city is densely packed so it's easy to find new things. You have the redwoods close by and beautiful ocean sunsets.
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Seals in San Francisco

If you go to pier 39 in San Francisco you can see sea lions right up close. They go there to warm up in the sun. Their Shenanigans between themselves are the best part. Watching them fight for the best part of sun is interesting to say the least!

Awesome Things About Our City

Californian Poem and Quote

come one come all,

there is much to see,

we'll have a ball,

in the city,

for there is fun, fun to be had,

we'll find no reason to be sad.

One day if I go to heaven…..I’ll look around and say “It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco”. (Herb Caen)

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Why I love San Francisco

I love San Francisco because there is an endless amount of things you can do. you can go surfing, canoeing, sightseeing, and on a beautiful walk through the city. I like how close and how sort of neat but disorganized set up. That is why I love San Francisco.

So come on down

Excited to go to San Francisco, you should be. We are waiting for you!