2020-2021 GCISD READS Challenge

the adventure continues

Stuck inside Much?

No worries! You can still travel ANYWHERE you would like to go through the pages of a book! Join us on an exciting adventure to visit interesting places, and meet new people. Travel back in time through historical fiction, explore magical places through fantasy fiction, or solve a mystery before the author's big reveal! Well? Go on! What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to take on the next GCISD READS challenge?

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What is the GCISD READS Challenge?

Every year students in GCISD are encouraged to participate in the annual GCISD READS Challenge.

Students can choose from a variety of challenges, and some students even complete all of them!

1. Genre Challenge

  • 3rd-12th grade can read from a variety of genres (see Recording document below)

2. Book Count

  • Kindergarten-2nd grade students can read 100 Picture Books
  • 3rd-12th grade can read 25 books (100 pages or more for each book)

3. Page Count

  • Kindergarten - 2nd grade students are challenged to read 1,500 pages
  • 3rd - 5th grade students are challenged to read 2,500 pages
  • 6th - 12th grade students are challenged to read 5,000 pages

The challenge begins on June 1, 2020 and continues throughout the school year.

The deadline for this challenge is May 1, 2021.

Is there a Reading List?

One size does NOT fit all!

GCISD believes in giving students a voice and a choice, so our students are encouraged to make individualized reading lists that are just right for them! (Suggestions provided below).

Where can we find book recommendations?

There are many book lists available online, and here are a few to get you started:

1. Scholastic's Book Wizard is a tool to help your child find great books!

2. Reading Rocket has amazing theme-based book lists.

3. Common Sense Media offers book and movie suggestions.

4. A Book and a Hug helps readers find books based on their unique personality.

5. What's Next? helps readers see the next book in a series.

6. Award winners-

Did someone say FREE e-books?

OverDrive App (Sora)

All GCISD students have access to free e-books, audiobooks, and Read-a-Longs with the OverDrive app! Click here for more Information about this resource.

EPIC Books for Kids

This amazing company continues to support literacy by offering access to over 40,000 e-books FREE during the school day!

Public Libraries have Overdrive e-book collections too!

Colleyville http://www.colleyvillelibrary.com/

Euless http://www.eulesstx.gov/library/

Grapevine http://www.grapevinetexas.gov/

The North Richland Hills Public Library http://www.library.nrhtx.com/ offers FREE library cards to non-residents

For free e-book collections that companies have generously provided access through the summer go HERE.

Check with your local library

Public Libraries always have amazing summer programs for young readers.

Contact them to find out how Covid-19 will impact their programs.

Tracking your progress

The 2020-2021 GCISD READS Challenge begins on June 1, 2020. The printable tracking forms are linked below.

If you prefer a digital option, tools like Biblionasium make it fun and easy to keep track of your reading. Biblionasium (https://www.biblionasium.com/ ) is a free web resource that allows students to keep a digital log of what they’ve read and gives them the opportunity to read and write reviews about books. Keep in mind that Biblionasium is a reading log - NOT an e-book reader.

GCISD Reads Recording Documents

Genre Challenge

Genre form Modified for Elementary Students

Book Count Challenges

Page Count Challenges