Be Honest With You!

2014 Radical Self Tune Up

Register for the Free Live Webinar Sat. Jan 11, 2014 Hosted By Empowered By Joi

Caution! During this power packed, self transforming webinar, you will be forced to look at your own reflection in the mirror!

If you've ever felt like "something" or "someone" is holding you back, you need to register for free today, because 2014 is the year you discover that YOU could be holding yourself back from reaching success and your full potential.

In this power packed webinar, you will be given the tools to radically grow, radically change, and radically transform, by being honest with YOURSELF.

Our panel of speakers will fully prepare you to be 100% transparent and truthful with yourself, as they empower you with the tools necessary to grow through self honesty, and self reflection.

Date: January 11, 2014

Time: 4:00pm PST - 5:00pm PST

Where: Online Google Hangout (Make sure you have a free google account to register)

Panel Speakers:

Joi Hall, Haneef Jordan, Carla Ford, Benito J. Barrios