Tammy Vallejo - Two are Better Than One

How do we accomplish Unity? - Tammy Vallejo

Two are Better Than One

Unity is not just a feeling or being together, but it is also an “action” word. Unity takes people operating in their strengths AND maturity of faith AND working it out both within yourself, and with those around you. By calling each other to a higher level of maturity and humility we can be unified! Unity with each other requires Jesus. Just as Jesus and God are one we can be one with God and each other. This is something that takes a conscious effort. Through communicating with each other and loving each other as Christ loves, we will find true unity. The vocational fields and lifestyles we represent are all very different. When we bring our differences together and dedicate them to Christ, that is where true unity can occur....

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Who is Tammy Vallejo?

Tammy is the founder and president of E49 Corporation, a Nonprofit Corporation. E49 works in two primary ways. First, it acts as a “Hub” in the community connecting, resourcing and mobilizing civic, business, non-profit, church and community leaders in the Sacramento Region. Second, E49 serves the vulnerable and is a catalyst for collaborative need-based initiatives in the “Heart of the City”. This all happens from the co-working center called Suite 2:10.

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