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News from O.C. Taylor Principal, Lisa Young Pedevilla

November 4, 2018

Dear O.C. Taylor Parents,

Thank you to PTA and all of the volunteers who served at our OCT Fall Festival! What a wonderful afternoon and evening filled with fun family time. All of your generous donations go directly to your children’s classrooms and education. Since YOU met the target of $15,000, Mrs. Putman and I kissed that pig. Congratulations for meeting the goal! THANK you for your contributions to O.C. Taylor!

This year our PTA will be purchasing Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematic (S.T.E.M.) resources and supplies for robotics. According to DRPFConsults.com, the National Science Foundation estimates that 80% of the jobs available during the next decade will require math and science skills. InTech reports that according to 10-year predictions by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15 of the 20 fastest growing fields will require significant math and science preparation. The United States must produce workers proficient in these fields to stay at the cutting edge of science and technology throughout the 21st century.

I have spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of nightly reading. Research shows it is essential to read every day, even if only a few minutes rather than save it up for 30 minutes once a week. The long-term effects of skipping nightly reading homework are well established. The more a child reads, the higher the achievement scores. There is also a correlation to future income earning possibilities. In fact, according to research from Thomas Crowley, 85 percent of self-made millionaires read two or more books per month. Please continue to make time for this very important skill!

In addition to nightly reading, please make time throughout your day for knowing math facts. Math facts fluency leads to higher order mathematics. Through automaticity students free up their working memory and can devote it to problem-solving and learning new concepts and skills (Geary, 1994). Quite simply, a lack of fluency in basic math fact recall significantly hinders a child’s subsequent progress with problem-solving, algebra and higher-order math concept. Please make sure your child knows his/her math facts. Review math facts while going through your typical day: while folding laundry, while you are waiting in line at the grocery store, while driving to soccer practice, and while cooking dinner.

Fluent math facts mean less confusion. Math facts form the building blocks for higher-level math concepts. When a child masters his/her math facts, these concepts will be significantly easier and the student will be better equipped to solve them faster.

So, snuggle up and read with your child and don't forget to have fun learning those math facts!

I would like to personally wish all of our Hindu families a very Happy Diwali, also referred to as the festival of lights! We will be celebrating by dressing in bright colored clothing on Weds., Nov. 7. This is an important occasion for our families that marks the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

To the BEST of days,

Principal Young Pedevilla

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OCT Vision: To empower our children today to create a better tomorrow.

OCT Mission: To create life-long learners and develop servant leaders through authentic, real-world experiences.


OC Taylor Elementary Events

Monday, November 5

8:15 PTA Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 6

9:00 - 2:00 Kindergarten Field Trip

Wednesday, November 7

Diwali - Wear bright colored clothing

Thursday, November 8

ETA of Chicks in Chick Cam (see note below)

2:55 - 4:00 Choir

Friday, November 9

8:30 Veterans Day Program

2:00 - 2:50 Future Explorations

3:00 - 4:00 Running Club

Monday, November 12

9:00 - 2:00 3rd Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, November 13

Wednesday, November 14

2:55 - 4:00 TTT - (Learning Commons)

Thursday, November 15

2:55 - 4:00 Choir

Friday, November 16

Turkey Drive - Dad's Club

2:00 - 2:50 Future Explorations

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OCT and GCISD Updates

3rd Annual Turkey Drive

Join our Dads' Club on Friday, November 16th as they collect frozen turkeys to be donated to GRACE in Grapevine. Dads' Club will be out during morning drop-off starting at 7:15 am on the 16th to help collect the turkeys. Please make sure the turkey is frozen when dropping it off.

GRACE is a Grapevine, Texas based nonprofit relief agency which provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and other vital necessities to people who are struggling with a limited income or recent emergency.

The class in PK-2nd and the class in 3rd-5th grade with the most turkeys donated will win an extra one-hour recess courtesy of Dads' Club! Thank you for helping us give back to our community during this holiday season!

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Conflict Resolution Wheel

This next week will be discussing specifics on a Win-Win Deal. Please click here to print a copy of our OCT Conflict Resolution Wheel to put on your refrigerator or keep in a place where you can refer to when needed.
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Tech Tip of the Week

TECH TIP OF THE WEEK: Debunking the Tech-Savvy Myth

Despite the widely propagated myth, most children aren't more tech-savvy than most adults. Actually, children often use more technology, but that doesn't mean they understand more of what they're doing. In fact, in a study entitled The Usability of Web Sites for Children, the Neilsen Norman Group recently found that, on the Internet, children aged 5-17

  • Give up easily.
  • Rarely scroll down.
  • Love mouse-overs (text or graphics that turns the cursor into a clickable white glove in most Web browsers. (Often they lead to an ad.)
  • Click ads.
  • Enjoy animation.
  • Like simple tools, like Google.
  • Read more instructions than adults.

Parents and teachers can help by guiding children to try several times to accomplish a task, to scroll "beyond the fold" (beyond what is initially displayed on the computer monitor), and to recognize and avoid ads and other distractions online.

-by Lori Jackson, Education World (Photo below courtesy of Change the Equation, 2015)

Photo courtesy of Change the Equation, 2015


City of Colleyville, Mayor for A Day Contest

Colleyville Mayor, Richard Newton, is encouraging students in grades 2-7 to submit an essay for their Mayor for a Day Contest. This is the city's 34th year offering this program and it is so much fun for the student, Mayor, and City employees.

Click here to see the flyer or go to the website to read more:


On the big day, they pick the Mayor for a Day (MFD) up from school in a police or fire vehicle, take them on a special behind-the-scenes tour of the City, have a pizza party for the MFD and 10 friends, and have the MFD and his or her school recognized during the City Council meeting.


Updates from the Learning Commons, Mrs. Bonacci


Our 2018 Fall Scholastic Book Fair will be held from December 10-14 and we need volunteers to help with setup after school on December 7th. If you are interested in helping out please email me at dawn.bonacci@gcisd.net. We will also need assistance with sales during the week, and packing everything up on December 10th. Book Fair is always a lot of fun so I hope to see you there!


Please consider donating your Halloween costumes to our green screen room! Our students are very creative and love to make videos to reflect their learning.


November Updates from Music, Mrs. Vencill

A NOTE from Mrs. Vencill....

Happy November, O.C. Taylor Tigers and families, and thank you for participating in Tip Your Hat To Our Veterans day! Your generous donations will go to the Ft. Worth veterans hospital to help local veterans in need. We are also collecting Walmart gift cards to donate to the veterans hospital. All donations must be turned in by Monday, November 12!

Wall of Honor: If you have a picture of a veteran you would like to add to our Wall of Honor, please label you picture with the name of the veteran, the branch of the military they serve(d) in and your student's name. I will return these pictures to you after Veterans Day.

Please join us Friday, Nov. 9 at 8:30 a.m. for our Veterans Day program. The 3rd and 4th grade students will perform patriotic music to honor the brave men and women who serve to protect our country. Friends, family and beloved veterans are invited to attend! See you there.

Our Tigers are busy learning and creating beautiful music in the OCT music room. This is what we're working on this month....

  • Kindergarten: Our tiny Tigers continue working on steady beat and changes in tempo. Ask them about presto, largo, and 'not too fast, not too slow, just moderato' tempos. We are also adding dynamic changes to our music and using music terms including piano, forte and mezzo to describe the dynamics in our music. Kindergarten students will also begin folk dancing this month. Fun!!!

  • 1st/2nd Grade: Students continue working to become confident writing, reading and playing rhythm patterns using barred eighth notes, quarter notes and quarter rests. They are adding dynamics to their music, including pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, crescendo and decrescendo, to add interest and excitement. 2nd graders will also folk dance in the month of November.

  • 3rd/4th Grade: I am incredibly proud of the work our 3rd and 4th graders put into preparing for the Veterans Day program. It takes a lot of work to prepare for this special event, and our Tigers definitely met the challenge. Once the Veterans Day program is over we will begin remembering/reviewing what we know about pitch and note value. This review will help 4th graders prepare to play the recorder and 3rd graders play the Orff instruments!!

  • 5th Grade: 5th graders have worked hard to remember and understand note name/value, pitch and basic music symbols, and now we are applying that knowledge to reading a written score. Our goal is for every 5th grade student to move on to middle school as a confident reader and player of written music. We are using Orff instruments to play/layer melodic ostinati.

The Taylor Tiger Choir will perform at the Colleyville Tree Lighting Ceremony Friday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. on the steps of City Hall. We hope you will join us for this festive event!

Please visit the OCT Music web page for upcoming dates and more information about the OCT music classes. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Mrs. Vencill

Music Teacher

O.C. Taylor Elementary


@OCTVencill #OCT4U


November Updates from Art, Mrs. Morgan

Students finished up their first major art project of the year and now are moving on to FALL!


· Kindergarten will learn about warm colors and how to create the color orange. Students will then learn about printmaking and create overlapping leaf prints using warm colors.

· 1st grade will learn how to create texture, using paint. Students will create an owl themed landscape using painted paper and collaging skills.

· 2nd grade will learn about the foreground and background of a landscape. Students will learn how to draw a 3 dimensional pumpkin and use color to add value.

· 3rd grade will learn how about observational drawing to draw a leaf. They will then learn about different patterns and designs to create textured leaves using tin foil.

· 4th grade and 5th grade will be learning about the artist Yayoi Kusama and her love of pumpkins. Students will learn how to draw a 3 dimensionalpumpkin and use either complementary colors or analogous colors. Students will focus on the art word emphasis, which means focal point or draws attention.

Cristie Morgan

Art Teacher

O.C. Taylor Elementary School



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November Updates from P.E., Coach Mester and Coach Mac

Our 21st annual Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser was a huge success! We raised over $13,000 in donations for the American Heart Association. We are so proud of your generosity and thoughtfulness. We will begin Drumfit this month. Drumfit is a fun, easy to learn and challenging workout for all ages and abilities. Please remember to dress comfortably and always wear your tennis shoes so you can perform your best!

See you in the gym,
Coach Mester
Coach Mac

Physical Education Teachers

O.C. Taylor Elementary




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Updates from Counseling and Guidance, Mrs. Whisman

Please click here to see the Counselor Corner Newsletter.


Updates from Gifted and Talented, Mrs. Griffin

Please click here to see her newsletter.


Gifted and Talented Information - Parents of Kindergarten and 5th Grade Students

KINDERGARTEN Parent Meeting for Gifted and Talented Services:

What: Kindergarten Gifted and Talented Identification Parent Informational Meeting

Where: Professional Development and Education Center (PDEC)

Panther Den

5800 Colleyville Blvd.

When: Thursday, November 15th at 5:30 pm

Why: Please join us to learn about gifted and talented identification, referral, testing, and program services for kindergarten students.


MIDDLE SCHOOL: Parent Meeting for Gifted and Talented Identification & Course Offerings in Middle School (This is for parents of current 5th grade GT LEAD students, as well as parents interested in learning more about the identification process for gifted services.)

What: Middle School GT Services Informational Meeting (Current & Interested 5th Grade Parents)

Where: Professional Development and Education Center (PDEC)

Panther Den

5800 Colleyville Blvd.

When: Thursday, November 15th at 6:30 pm

Why: Find out information about the referral and testing process for gifted and talented services at the middle school level, as well as options regarding middle school course selection for identified gifted students.


Updates from the Clinic, Nurse Katy

  • Medication at school: Per District policy, all medication must be kept in the clinic during school hours (yes, even cough drops...). Teachers know to send all medications to the clinic if they find them in the classroom, student's backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. If you send a medication to school with your child, please print and sign the Medication Permission form located on the GCISD website. If you are able to bring the medication in yourself, I have printed forms in the clinic you can sign. Thank you for helping keep our Tigers safe!

  • Field Trips: If your student has a medication that is kept in the clinic, it WILL be sent with them when they go on a field trip, along with the appropriate paperwork. Teachers are aware of their student's health conditions/allergies and have all been trained on Epi-pen administration.

  • Teaching healthy habits: Please take the time to teach/review healthy habits with your children at home. This will help diminish our level of illnesses during the school year.

    • Avoidance of touching their face (T-zone)
    • Using tissues or the bend of their arm for coughing/sneezing
    • Proper hand washing! We teach them to sing their ABCs twice or the Happy Birthday song twice. Be sure they wash the front and back of their hands, in between all of their fingers, and underneath their fingernails.



    With the early and surprise onset of cooler temperatures, you may not have had the opportunity to label your child's clothing as you quickly grabbed it out of winter bins stored in the attic.

    Each school year we have over 100 items, mostly jackets, sweaters, and coats, left in our lost and found. We have dedicated parent volunteers who inspect the clothes searching for a name or label to return them to the owner. Many go unclaimed.

    Please prevent loss and ensure your child will stay warm in a coat this season with a labeled coat, jacket, sweater. This will save you from having to buy additional outerwear! The following are labeling options:

    1. You can use a permanent marker on masking tape if you choose to not write on the actual clothing.
    2. Or, like me, just take that Sharpie straight to the clothing.

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    Juuling Presentation at GCISD Administration Building, Nov. 7

    Have you been hearing about the increase in teens' use of Juuling? Are you worried about the impact on your child's health? Wondering what a Juul is and if your child may have one?

    Join us for an informative event presented by Challenge of Tarrant County, Texas Health and Human Services' Organization of the Year. You will learn what a Juul is, how kids are using them and the potential impact on your child's health.

    This event will be held on November 7 from 6-8 p.m. at the GCISD Administration Building, located at 3051 Ira E Woods Avenue, Grapevine, Texas.

    Juuling Flyer

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    Happy Diwali to our Hindu Families! Weds., Nov. 7

    We invite everyone to wear bright colored clothing on Weds., November 7 to support our friends celebrating Diwali, also known as the festival of lights.
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    Veteran's Day Program, Nov. 9

    We invite any veteran to attend our special Veteran's Day Program this Fri., November 9 starting at 8:30 a.m. in the OCT Cafeteria. We will be honoring all of those who have served. The staff and students are invited to wear red, white and blue.
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    GCISD Community Showcase at Cross Timbers Middle School, Nov. 15

    Have you ever wondered what goes on inside of a GCISD classroom? Have you ever been curious about how LEAD 2021 looks in action? Join GCISD for the first Community Showcase at Cross Timbers Middle School on November 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m for a tour led by students and staff. This opportunity is limited to the first 20 participants. Click here to sign up for this Community Showcase.


    GCISD Safety First

    With our students’ safety in mind, GCISD continues to implement the use of the Standard Response Protocol. #GCISDSafetyFirst
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    Cafeteria and Menu Updates

    Attached is a copy of the calendar menu, it may also be viewed on the district's website. Nutrition information may be viewed through the nutrition services website or by downloading the new Meal Viewer app through the apple or android store.

    If you have questions about the Nutrition Services program, please call ext. 5615 or email julie.telesca@gcisd.net.


    Join the GCISD TEAM!

    Great opportunities are available in our auxiliary departments:

    • Nutrition Specialists -PT w/ benefits – work while your students are in school!
    • KidzU Site Aides – PT w/benefits – great schedule for local college students!
    • Night Custodians
    • Bus Drivers
    • Maintenance Engineers

    Apply now to work with the BEST! www.gcisd.net


    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is the perfect place for parents to make contributions and recommendations on health initiatives that influence your child. Find out how you can join SHAC.

    GCISD - Building Excellent Schools Together


    The mission of Grapevine-Colleyville ISD is to be THE BEST and through the district’s strategic plan, called LEAD 2021, we continue building on the foundation started in 2011-2012. LEAD stands for Leading Excellence – Action Driven. For more information about LEAD 2021, please visit the district website. We are excited about the new LEAD 2.0 and hearing from all parents! There are some exciting educational experiences going on in GCISD!

    GCISD’s WHY?

    Redefining Education because your future matters today!

    GCISD’s Portrait of a Graduate

    Skilled Problem Solvers


    Global Citizens

    Self-regulated Learners


    We think your kids are..... G-G-G-G-reat!

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    Leftover Halloween Candy

    Do you have lots of leftover Halloween Candy? Looking for a healthy & helpful way to get rid of it? Then look no further and donate it all to GRACE. GRACE would greatly appreciated any

    Leftover Halloween Candy to use at their Christmas Cottage this year. Please look for the Decorated Pumpkin Bag in the lobby area and leave your donations there. Donations will be accepted through November 16th! Thank you for supporting your community.

    Questions? Comments? Contact: Dawn Hall

    Staff Appreciation Holiday Pies

    It's that time of year to show your support of our fabulous OC Taylor Teachers and Staff by sponsoring a holiday pie. Pies are $15 each and will be delivered to the staff the Friday before Thanksgiving Break. You can sponsor one (or more!) by clicking the following link and then turning your check into the front office before Friday, November 9th. SignUpGeniusHolidayPies

    Please make checks payable to OCT PTA. In the memo line, please write, "holiday pies" AND the name(s) of the person you are sponsoring. You are also welcome to include a personal note of thanks that we will deliver with the pie.


    Tamaron Hunt

    Staff Appreciation Events Chair


    THIRD GRADE, IT’S YOUR TURN to Support the GRACE Food Drive

    November is Third Grade’s Month to Support the GRACE Food Drive.

    Items in Need: Canned Cranberry Sauce

    With the holidays approaching lets help out GRACE by supporting their HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE and collecting as many cans of cranberry sauce as possible. Cranberry Sauce is one of GRACE’s most needed items this holiday season. Collection Baskets are located right outside the THIRD GRADE Classrooms and will be there from October 29th - November 30th. So Remember, the

    next time you are at the grocery store think of the one thing that goes great with cold turkey sandwiches…… Cranberry Sauce.

    Remember: The Class that averages the most will receive a special treat at the end of the year.

    Thank you for your help and support in serving our community!

    Questions? Concerns? Please contact: Dawn Hall

    Please vote!

    Just a reminder that early voting for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 General Election begins Monday, October 22 through Friday, November 2, 2018.

    In person early voting is available to any registered voter in Texas. No excuse is needed to vote early in person. Early voting in person is conducted in the building that houses the office of the County Clerk or City Secretary, or in a place designated by the County Commissioners or City Council.
    Click here for early voting locations and times in Tarrant County. As a reminder, you can vote at any early voting location in Tarrant County. On Election Day, you must vote at your designated polling place.

    Know your candidates! Following link will help you research your candidates.

    Here are the videos from the Council of PTAs Candidate Forum from the Senate District 10 Candidates

    Here is the House District 92 Candidate Forum Response

    Do the research, and go vote!!



    The O.C. Taylor Apple Tree has grown new branches! Teachers need items from the Apple Tree. Apple Tree is an easy way to donate items teachers and staff need at the school.

    Simply click this link to see different "needs" around the school. If you choose to help, please make sure to mark as taken! Once taken, please send your item(s) to school with your child, attaching the name of the staff member for who it is intended.

    Jill Tate - VP of Volunteers jhbu99@aol.com

    Box Tops and Amazon Smile

    This year, we will be increasing donations to the OC Taylor PTA thru Box Tops for Education and Amazon Smile! It's a simple way to donate to our school! Here's how you can help:

    #1 Clip out Box Tops for Education and place them on the Box Top collection sheet or in a Ziploc bag. Be sure to place your child's grade level on the bag or collection sheet! We will be counting box tops for our Racing to Recess Challenge. The grade level with the highest level of Box Tops each semester will earn an extra recess and Popsicle party!

    After 10 laps, 3rd Grade is in 1st place (809), 2nd Grade in 2nd place (577) and 4th Grade and 1st Grade are neck and neck in 3rd place (337 & 327).

    #2 - Be sure to shop smileamazon.com. .5% of all your purchases will go to the OC Taylor PTA. Log on to smileamazon.com and select PTA Texas Congress 1610 O C Taylor Elementary as your preferred charity. It's an amazoningly easy way to earn money for our school!! Remember, you must log on to smileamazon.com every time you shop to ensure your purchases earn money for our school!

    Join the PTA!

    Thank you to all our parents and staff that joined the PTA already! We truly appreciate your support!

    If you did not join the PTA at Meet the Teacher, we encourage you to do so. The annual dues are only $7.50 per membership. That's the lowest price in town for PTA memberships and its the BEST, in my opinion! Membership in the PTA allows you to improve the education and opportunities for our students. When you join the PTA, you become a member of the Texas PTA and you will receive a copy of our 2018-2019 Paw Prints student directory! This valuable directory contains classroom lists, phone numbers, addresses and other vital information you will use all year! To join the PTA it's so simple, visit http://www.joinPTA.org.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Liz Payne- VP Memberships scottlizpayne@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

    Kristin McElroy

    PTA President



    Berri O'Neal

    PTA President Elect



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