Rainbow Loom Project

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All last week in the elementary students worked in library class to make some very special bracelets. Our school, along with others in the country, are part of a project called Banding Together. This project is being led by my sister Shannon Miller and her students in Van Meter, Iowa. She is partnering with a publishing company called, "In This Together Media" and collecting Rainbow Loom bracelets to send to an orphanage in Mangalore, India.

It was so much fun last week watching students work together to create an impressive number of bracelets (and rings) to send to children in India! I saw students helping others who didn't know how to make them, kids sharing their looms and bands, and everyone eager to make a difference in the life of another child. It was an awesome feeling to have kids stop me in the hall, reach out their hand with a bracelet and say, "I want to donate this bracelet to give to the kids in India." I was so proud of all of their effort and attitudes last week in making this happen! It was very heart-warming to see!

Thanks to the families as well for allowing their students to bring in their looms in to use. It was a big help to have those extra looms here, so that I had more available for other students. I appreciate that!

On Thursday, the bracelets were sent to my sister in Van Meter. She will be sending them on to India soon. Hopefully, we will get some pictures back of the children who receive the bracelets in India! I can't wait to see what happens next...I will keep you posted! Thanks again to all of your super kids for making this project a success for our school!